7 Rare Sports Cars and Best-Looking Supercars You Never Knew Existed

Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti– these are the names of producers, which enter your mind, when individuals normally think about mean-looking sports cars or with spectacular performance.

But the automobile world of our time is full of things that can't be forecasted that is why from time to time the marketplace is being hit by an automobile work of art, which is established by a company, which does not have that long of a .

That is why we attempted to select the best that you never ever seen or even heard of. Although a few of them remain in the prototype mode at the minute, this does not eliminate these automobiles from the list of the rarest in the world.

In this list we have quickly examined:

– Aston Martin AM-RB 001;

– Lykan Hypersport;

– Mercedes-AMG GT R;

– Zenvo TS1;

– Felino cB7;

– Icona Vulcano;

– The Force 1.

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