Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 20 Years Lost Pontiac Trans Am Rare 455 HO

This has actually been one of my pet-preservation-projects over the past few months. I wished to produce what I feel would be a fun "TV program for YouTube". This was shot over 9 days, 1200+ individual clips, and undoubtedly a ton of vehicle catastrophe work. For whatever factor, the concept of saving or "preserving" a vehicle for someone else to take pleasure in and restore is incredible satisfying. Anyways, this is actually among the dirtiest vehicles I have actually ever dealt with which produced a couple of fascinating paint washing issues. The paint was so rough from sun direct exposure that the dirt was extremely challenging to clean or eliminate from the surface area of the paint. Likewise, Joe informed me later that he has a few extra body panels in his garage that he and Friend can utilize for the rust repair work phase of the restoration. This was absolutely the twenty years, however well worth the effort. Hope everyone takes pleasure in! -Larry.

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Products used in this episode:.
PRO Foamer:.
Interior Cleaner:.
Carpet Cleaner:.
Interior Brush:.
Scrub Pad:.
MF Towels:.
Wheel Cleaner:.
Brute Wheel Soap:.

AMMUNITION Paint Routine:.
AMMUNITION Interior Regimen:.

AMMO Wheel Regimen:.
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Carpet Brush for hand drill:.
Fast Adhesive Cleaner:.
Mini Shampooer:.
Headliner Adhesive:.
Window Squeegee:.
Induction Heater:.
Festool Vacuum:.
Steam Machine:.

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AMMO Formulas used in this video:.

Suggested products and tools approved by AMMO New York City:.
Grit Guard & Washboard.
Stanley FatMax.
Rupes Paint Light.
Clay Bar.
Wash Mitt.
Unnoticeable Glass.
Megs D300.
Foam Applicator Pads.
Foam Gun.
Wheel Woolies.
Tar Eliminator.
Tire Gel Applicator.
Festool Vacuum.
Rupes Bag.
Positector Paint Depth Gauge.
Mercury Spray Bottle.
CR Spotless Water Filter.
Black Wow.
Megs M205.
Gorilla Gloves.
Long-handled Window Scrubber.
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen.
Battle Tech Dust Mask.
Carpet Brushes.

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