Exploring Abandoned Volkswagen Graveyard – Rare Cars Left

In this video we are headed back to a remarkable area with some pals checking out a deserted . Such an enjoyable spot to visit throughout the year. Fran and I had been during the winter season and it was stunning. Now that the seasons have changed and summertime has actually restored a lot of colors to the trees, we decided to go back for another look. Deep in the woods are hundreds of old deserted VW bugs, busses, and other designs of vehicles left vacant and taken control of by Nature. We were all very delighted to shoot so we wasted no time at all starting. After an hour or so of shooting, our trip concerned a temporary halt when the owner of the property approached me. He didn't seem extremely friendly at first. He began to get our info like he was calling the cops. However after a number of minutes, he began to heat up to us and joke with us due to the fact that he recognized we implied no harm. He told us a back story to this place and then left us to continue shooting which was awesome. We all left there with an excellent quantity of pictures and were extremely pleased with our explore. Andy & Martin left to go shoot the remainder of the day as Fran & I headed home. Sadly Andy & Martin had their video cameras taken later that night by cops due to a failed explore. So their shots will have to wait up until after court.


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