Rare Cars

RARE CARS! CP 3116 Leads Train With Cars For Scrap Heading North on the CP Winnipeg Beach Sub

My second shot train on the CP Winnipeg Beach Subdivision, and it is an excellent one! On the front and back of the train there are several old automobiles which have "WATER Cars And Truck – OUT OF SERVICE" composed on them. There were likewise two CP 40' foot boxcars on the train! These automobiles are apparently being sent out for scrap in Selkirk.

The Winnipeg Beach Sub is utilized by CP from Winnipeg to Selkirk, then they interchange with the Lake Line Railway who take a few of the automobiles up to Gimli, just north of Winnipeg Beach. This line is at threat of being abandoned by CP, as many branch lines are.


Engine Info:
CP 3116 – GP38-2

Rare Cars:
CP 415126 – Camp Automobile?
CP 415133 – Camp Automobile?
?? ###### – Camp Vehicle?
CP 401685 – 40 Foot Boxcar
CP 403665 – 40 Foot Boxcar
CP 413943 – Camp Cars and truck?
CP 415122 – Camp Vehicle?