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25 RARE old Photos of Cars in 1900s you HAVE TO SEE TO BELIVE

25 RARE old Photos of Cars in 1900s you HAVE TO SEE TO BELIVE

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Today's Historic Photos:
1 Electric car, 1900
2 Some folks sitting in a "horseless carriage" from the very first New York Car Show in 1900.
3 Paris-Madrid race in 1903 driven by Marcel Renault
4 Louis Chevrolet sitting in Buick he created, circa 1900.
5 Daimler Wagonette, 1899.
6 Automobile mishap, Toronto, Canada, 1918.
7 The Scania transportation 1909
8 Traffic Congestion at fifth Opportunity, New York City, 1913
9 Henry Ford and Barney Oldfield in 1902 with the Ford 999 racing car.
10 First Fire Engines in Hannover, Germany, 1902.
11 1902 curved dash Oldsmobile
12 4 Englishmen in a car in Calcutta, 1903
13 Louis Ross racing in the twin-engined Stanley Woggle-Bug steam vehicle, 1903.
14 Daimler Truck, 1903.
15 Family presenting in their new cars and truck – the very first in Allora, Queensland, ca. 1904.
16 An Opel at the 1908 French Grand Prix at Dieppe
17 Coming to the Golden Gate Hotel, Nome, August 1905
18 18hp Automobile for approximately 11-passengers, 1906.
19 1908 New York to Paris Race
20 Henry Ford with Design T, 1921
21 A Vehicle at Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, St. John's, NL, 1908
22 Passengers in a Buick service vehicle, ca. 1909.
23 The first ladies to drive throughout the United State from coast to coast, about 1905.
24 At the 1912 French Grand Prix at Dieppe.
25 Arthur Duray at the 1914 French Grand Prix.