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Extremely Rare 1967 Gyro – X car from Gyro Transport Systems

Update: Thanks to everybody for your passionate interest and details about the Gyro-X vehicle. The car has been offered to a private collector for a full restoration! So all you Gyro fans keep your eyes peeled to the roadway, you might see it in your mirrors!

Here's the link to see the restoration:

Thanks to all that assisted up find info on this extrememely uncommon piece of automotive history. It's a 1967 Gyro – X from Gyro Transport Systems of Northridge, California. The only one we understand around.

The Gyro-X owes its ultra low-drag, lowlift lines to internationally famed automotive stylist Alex S.Tremulis previous Chief of Advanced Styling for Ford Motor Business. Tremulis invested 13 year in Ford's styling department before departing in 1963 to start a business as an agreement stylist. Previously, he 'd assisted style the 1933 Duesenberg (still a style classic), the way-out Cable and later, but still years ahead of its time, the questionable Tucker.

The Gyro-X is not just something else however, says its builder, Gyro Transport Systems Inc. Northridge. Calif., is the leader of an entire new breed of very quick, gyro-stabilized land-water cars.

" You could practically totally demolish the Gyro-X in a head-on accident" claims among its developers, "and if its gyro were still spinning, she 'd remain upright, nicely stabilized on her 2 wheels."

Gyro-stabilized and "center tracking" on simply two wheels, the low (47-inch high), lean (42-inch broad) and light-weight 1,850-lb. Gyro-X has better than "wide-track" road-holding ability and the fast manoeuverability of a bike. More to the point, 2 wheels permit the kind of aerodynamic styling that dramatically reduces wind resistance and roadway drag, power burglars, in the majority of Detroit cars and trucks, sap upwards of 60% of an engine's horsepower at high speed. Even family sized gyro-cars must be able to push 125 miles per hour, pushed by pint-sized 80 to 120-hp engines.

Rare Cars

SUPER RARE FORCE 7 – The 70s Aussie Muscle Car that Never Was!

We Function and Drive among the 10 Leyland Force 7V remaining survivors!
Part 2 of the Ray Ikin collection.

The Force 7 coupe was announced in 1974 but only 10 pre-production coupes made it through. By the time of the factory closure in 1974, one Force 7 was currently in England for secret testing, Leyland Australia kept one example and lastly contributed that coupe to an Australian museum with some other elements of the P76 production line and the staying eight coupes were offered for sale to personal buyers in an auction after the Leyland Aus shut down.

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