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IDRIVEACLASSIC reviews: 80s Citroen Visa L (a rare French classic car!)

Today's video includes the Citroen Visa which was made from 1978 to 1988. The video was recorded in accordance with appropriate social distancing laws at time of shooting.
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When one of France's most popular exports of the 1980s, the Citroen Visa is a cars and truck which is so rarely found it makes my Marina appearance commonplace!

Like all advantages, the Visa wasn't something dreamt up over night. Method back in 1965, Robert Opron started work on a model to change the 2cv which had an intended launch date of 1970. For lots of reasons, this didn't pertain to fruition, but it did lead to the Citroen Prototype Y – which was developed in conjunction with Fiat to replace the Ami.

Once again, this didn't concern an immediate outcome for Citroen, but when Peugeot acquired Citroen in 1974, the task was restarted and named Citroen VD which incorporated the flooring pan of the Peugeot 104 – making it then possible to utilize the 104 engine and transmission systems.

With this, the 5 door 104-based Citroen Visa was introduced – changing Model Y.

Although interestingly, the initial design from the Y was offered to the Oltcit Club. If you wish to see an Oltcit in more detail, obtain over to view Ian on Hubnut and see what he depends on with his latest job.

Now returning to the Visa, the example we're evaluating today is a MK2 or 2nd generation, although you'll observe that it sports the MK1 dash – this is proper as the automobile was sold and not something which has actually been changed in the future.

When the MK2 as we're checking here today concerned market, it was sold as being a more refined version of the Visa which had come before it.

It boasted advancement of the 1124cc four cylinder engine with overhead camshaft and transistorised ignition which then indicated the fuel Economy for the time was nothing to be sniffed at. The Visa boasted an extraordinary 44.8 mpg when driven at 75mph and 58.9 when driving at 56mph. The automobile was stated to have a top speed of 87mph with the ability to do just under 400 miles on one tank of fuel.

And if you're wondering why the numbers appear a bit odd – it's due to the fact that it was all initially performed in KM with this being a French cars and truck.

The Visa was marketed as a spacious 5 door hatchback – comfy sufficient for a household and with 10 cubic feet of boot space and 24 cubic feet with the seats folded, it didn't just offer on being comfy however practical too.

As I'll tell you when we go driving, the seating position gives you genuine self-confidence as the motorist, but with a turning circle of 31 feet, it's also pretty easy to manoeuvre about too.

I realise that for some people, the styling and shape of this vehicle may look a little out of the ordinary, but Citroen specified the vehicle had been created with aerodynamics in mind. The design considered head space, hip swivel and body movement and was stated when discussing overall drag, to be the very best car in its class.

In reality, it's the aerodynamics which offered this car an excellent top speed and lower fuel need. Although you'll see when we opt for a drive, the leading speed is great, but unless you get a run up on hills, it's a bit sluggish!

Head and body room wasn't the only comfort factor to consider. The car has been designed with totally independent suspension and anti roll bars to front and rear, which offers an actually soft ride, something I do say on when we choose the drive.

However Citroen didn't stop there: they also paid real attention to the comfort and safety aspects of owning a Visa. We've got the satellite pod control which I'll demonstrate later on in the video in addition to a generous 7 air vent established for heating, a 2 speed blower with demister function and a heated rear screen.

Another fascinating function we discovered when we discovered the video camera guy secured the rear of the vehicle without any methods to leave from the inside, is the car is fitted with kid safety catches and as you'll see on this walk around, those reflectors on the drivers door are applied to all doors as a caution that the door was open.

You might believe this vehicle has been well equipped, well Citroen did too. In reality, they stated the automobile provided unbeatable value with its standard devices and challenged potential purchasers to discover the very same level of specification for the same cash elsewhere.

Although if you did want extras, metal paint and sunroof came at an additional cost.