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Rare 1977 Pontiac Lemans Can Am – 6.6V8 Muscle Car

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I thought you might like a take a look at this very rare 77 Pontiac Lemans Can Am. Initially, Pontiac had prepared to construct almost 5,000 of these vehicles, however they ran into some issues with the mold that was utilized to make the ducktail spoilers. Instead of fixing the concern, they chose to call a halt to production. In the end, just 1377 Can Am's were developed. They were loading a 6.6 L 400 cu in V8, a Strong TH400 trans, and the RTS Rally Suspension Bundle. The horsepower wasn't fantastic due to the low compression utilized at this moment, however for the late 70's it was about as great as you might get. They are exceedingly rare and extremely collectible. I hope you find it fascinating, thanks for watching!

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