Rare Cars

We go for a ride in a 1967 Trabant!!! A rare car in the USA Trabi

It isn't often that one can get a ride in an East German car where I live. I leapt at the chance.

Rare Cars

Gemballa Avalanche GTR 750 EVO-R LOUD sounds!! Very rare car! – 1080p HD

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And once again, after among the first videos of the Koenigsegg Agera R and the Noble M600, among the very first videos of the Gemballa Avalanche GTR 750 EVO-R! I got the next details from the website of Gemballa. I do not have more info like requirements, there is almost nothing to discover on the net about this automobile!

Conversion details:

– Front Bonnet GT EVO
– Front Skirt AVALANCHE
– Front Spoiler Lip GT2 EVO Carbon
– Headlights GT
– Rear Skirt GTR EVO
– Rear Spoiler GTR EVO-R Carbon
– Special Bicolor Painting
– Wheelset RACING 20"
– Sport Brake System
– Coilover Suspension
– 750hp Engine
– 4-Pipes Exhaust System
– Unique Leather Interior
– Carbon Bundle Interior
– Sport Seats Pole Position
– Sport Wheel 340 mm
– Digital Instrument Panel
– Flooring Mats
– Instrument Dials
– Entryway Blends
– Alloy Pedals

0 – 100km/h: 3,5 Seconds
Topspeed: 338 km/h

What do you consider the car? Looks/sound?

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Rare Cars

Ultra Rare And Forgotten Supercars Of the 90s

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