Rare Cars

**RARE** Slant Tunnel-on-Wheels @ Morro Bay Car Wash

** This video is devoted to Car Wash Studios, due to the fact that he recognized this device initially as a Slant system of some kind **.

This older hybrid machine has an unusual design, featuring a roll-up mitter, reverse rocker panel brushes, high pressure manifolds, and an arm which is used for front and rear presoak application and high pressure cleaning. Wash quality was about 3 stars: cleaning up power was low, however the device was still efficient in removing bird droppings and bugs fairly well. The device was also relatively smart, as shown by how it just partly pulls back the mitter for front presoak application.
This video shows the best package which was used at this site: the Deluxe Combination Wash (for $8; oddly simply $1 more than the Standard Mix Wash). Touchless alternatives were likewise available for $7 and $8, and were nearly identical in regards to wash material.