Rare Cars

Finding RARE Cars at a Japanese Auction House!

Discovering RARE Cars at a Japanese Auction House! In today's video I head to the USS Nagoya auction home to check a few cars and trucks and decide wether or not we must buy them. While there I stumble upon a number of awesome cars consisting of a Nissan Skyline Impul R31-R. There were just 300 of these ever produced! If you see any cars and trucks you want in this video don't forget to strike us up at the links below! Thanks for viewing!

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Coddneck – Torimichi

Rare Cars

JDM Cars for Sale – Rare Celica GT Four, Toyota Chasers, Evo 6, Silvia S15 and More!

Take a look at the local automobiles that are for sale here in Okinawa Japan. Today I went to a few various car dealerships and featured the coolest vehicles I might discover. Let me understand what your favorite JDM flight of the video was down below!

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