1 of 500 Corvair, 150 Mazdas, and one RARE Alfa Jr. | Barn Find Hunter

Junkyards do not always supply the very best barn discover episodes due to the fact that the vehicles don't included stories, however this junkyard is various. Tom comes by an old good friend's location to see some vintage race cars and trucks and is surprised by something unusual and out of this world.

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SPECIAL THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the new Barn Find Hunter logo you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is a passionate Barn Find Hunter fan who took it upon himself to develop a logo design and send it to us. We loved it so much we made it the new face of the series.
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0:00 Introduction.
1:21 Mazda Miata selection.
2:08 Alfa Jr.
3:08 First Race Automobile.
4:28 Cost to rebuild a Rotary Motor.
5:00 Crash at Charlotte Speedway.
5:44 Unusual Pontiac Sprint 6.
7:17 Crazy Collection.
7:49 Lakewood Price & Worth'.
9:05 Corsa 140.
10:33 1 of 500 Ultra .

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1 of 500 Corvair, 150 Mazdas, and one RARE Alfa Jr. | Barn Find Hunter

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About the Author: RareCars


  1. Dad had a Corvair panel van in the late 60’s. He carried a pair of spare belts and hated the van because of that belt either jumping off or breaking. I would sit on his lap and shift for him, I can’t remember if it was on the tree or floor, as I was only 6. Dad passed away this past February at age 95, and I’m still driving a manual.

    1. If it were a manual it definitely would have been on the floor. Belts would get thrown if they were overly tightened. Ribbed belts greatly alleviated the problem also. My dad and I restored 30 Corvairs

  2. You need to introduce yourself to Matt’s Offroad Rescue. He is a MAJOR Corvair collector, including a couple of Lakewoods. One is converted to the most popular offroad rescue vehicle ever. It’s called the Morrvair.

    1. Tom, I really enjoy your videos!! Even though you may cover a car or make that doesn’t interest me, but the stories behind the cars do.

    2. I sent Matt a link on a 1967 fabtech GT40 built on a Corvair that’s here in Maine. Man looks like a lot of car for starting price of $7,500

  3. In my area all the junkyards either closed up or they dont ket you wonder around… its what are you looking for and I’ll tell you if we have it… miss the days of being able to just walk thru a yard… thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks Tom and Hagerty…. Love this channel, and the community that it brings together of like-minded enthusiasts

  5. Thank-you for making these videos. There is such a lack of appreciation for old cars that need restoration. These videos just make me wish my grandpa’s collection of cars was still there. I spent hours wondering around in his old cars. Stuff from the 40’s – 70’s, and a couple from the 80’s. This would have been in the later 1990s. He had a 55 Cameo in the barn. The only one that got a roof over it. It was pretty much his baby. Old 66 Tempest Convertible that my mom drove when she was not much more than a teenager. I’d give just about anything to go walk through those rows of cars one more time.

  6. Great video Gentleman. When I was 11 back in 1970, my mom had a 68 or 69 4 door Corvair. And we always had a spare fan belt and a Mason jar with oil in it in the trunk. I remember us being on the side of the road, with some kind of a problem a couple of times. We were all happy when in 1972 mom got a 72 Chevrolet Malibu 2 door with a 250 6 cylinder (NEW). Mom was happy 😊

  7. I looked for a Pontiac Sprint motor for YEARS ( pre Internet) could never find one. I searched in every backwater junkyard for 3 states lol. Most people I asked didnt even know what I was talking about. Seeing one out in the wild like that is RARE for sure.

  8. Excellent. I had Corvairs and many rotary Mazda’s starting in 1969. Now MX-5’s are my passion. I have three. All have a Hagerty grocery bag in the boot.

  9. Three years ago I sold my 1967 Sprint Firebird it had a 4.1 OHV 4 barrel like the one in your video and had a 4 speed. With 25,000 miles on it. It ran great and would keep up with any small block. Nice car, I wish I didn’t sell it but it was an “offer you can’t refuse”

  10. We holidayed in the Fairfax District of LA in 2010 and I took some photos of an Ultravan parked on the street around the corner from our motel. It was clearly registered and driven. It was unusual but we had no idea how rare it was. Fascinating to see another one and hear a bit of its story. Thanks.

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