10 Most Expensive And Rare Cars of All Time

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Uncommon and trucks, like a good cognac, are becoming better and more pricey throughout the years. Car collectors invest massive sums on the purchase of retro cars. It's not unexpected since every such automobile is a separate part of , a symbol of the splendor of previous owners, and a whole era that is frozen in metal. Hi men, this video is about unusual, stunning and pricey vehicles, from for a couple of million dollars to the most costly cars and truck in .


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1. Doug DeMuro.

Red Bull.

5th Equipment.


2. Motorvision.

3. MVidéo68.

TVT imaginative media.

4. Michel Leonardo.

5. NewRakurs Krasnodar.

6. RM Sotheby's.

7. Petrolicious.


8. Speed.


9. Motor Pattern Channel.

10. Petrolicious.


Bonhams Auctioneers.

10 And Rare Cars

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      Which begs the question, , are schools more interested in education, or in brain washing? Is there such a thing as” HIRE ” education? Or have the standards been lowered to the point that employers have to make do with what they can get….?

  1. Horsepowers?!! Bro, its HORSEPOWER, no “s”….and the greatest car on this list is the Ford GT40 Gulf, and IDGAF what anyone says to the contrary…

  2. None of those cars except the Volga V12,are retro as they are all original. Retro means imitating a style of the past. Those other cars are from the past.

  3. That retro bugattis… I’m in love with this retro cars, I hope i could own this retro car someday and drive it in the street of Indonesia 😍😍

  4. It ought to be mentioned that the GT40 was essentially a British car, and only the mark IV was built in the USA.

  5. There is a 1938 Mercedes-Benz 770K near my hometown at the Museu do Caramulo in Portugal. Is owned by a very wealthy man from the north of the country.

  6. “Quite a few Mercedes Benz’s survived to this day, since most of them were destroyed during the hostilities”. Quite a few, by definition, means “a fairly large number”.

  7. If I may, one of the most expensive cars also sold was a Mclaren F1 that was sold for 14 million dollars, with it being the only Mclaren F1 in existence coming in Marlboro White. just wanna let ya know.

  8. Most expensive car would be the ghost. Looks like an old western style coach and was one of the first motorized land vehicles ever made. It is insured at one hundred million $us due to limits of insurer, some estimate its value to be twice that.

  9. Real car enthusiasts know that the 1955 Mercedes SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé (2 models left in the World) is probably the most expensive car in the World even above the 250 GTO 1962.The only one displayed is in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. The other one is missing in action.

  10. The Ford GT was sold to Joanna Woodward and gifted to her husband, Paul Newman and was bayed at the Laguna Seca Raceway along with Pete Brocks (BRE) Datsuns in Monterrey, California. Pronounced P: Mon-ter-a…..like Monterrey, Mexico

  11. The GT40 wasn’t the star vehicle in LeMans, it was a 917K.  A chop topped Porsche 908 was the camera car.  Who does the research for Mad Lib?

  12. Pulled up to a light in my town and saw an F40. I actually screamed and my mom yelled at me, it was worth it.

  13. The F40 was named that because the roof had to meet racing standards of a 40 inch high roof to qualify to race.

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