10 Most Expensive And Rare Cars of All Time

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Unusual automobiles, like a good cognac, are becoming better and more expensive for many years. Vehicle collectors invest massive amounts on the purchase of retro vehicles. It's not unexpected because every such and truck is a different part of history, a sign of the magnificence of previous owners, and a whole period that is frozen in metal. Hi people, this video has to do with rare, gorgeous and pricey vehicles, from for a few million dollars to the vehicle in history.


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1. Doug DeMuro.

Red Bull.

Fifth Gear.


2. Motorvision.

3. MVidéo68.

TVT creative media.

4. Michel Leonardo.

5. NewRakurs Krasnodar.

6. RM Sotheby's.

7. Petrolicious.


8. Velocity.


9. Motor Trend Channel.

10. Petrolicious.


Bonhams Auctioneers.

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