10 Rare And Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

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10 Rare And Most of

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  1. F40…all time favorite supercar…fell in love with it from first glance…if i ever get rich i would own one…last i knew a real one is around $450,000-$500,000

  2. Ah, the Talbot Lago. I had a car book from the 70s when I was a kid and I’d stare at the pictures of this car for hours. I almost forgot about it until I saw this video. It’s a gorgeous car.

  3. Visited the old Karmann Ghia Sao Paulo – Brazil factory in 2013, which is now a collector’s warehouse, while participating on a design contest in college for a new Karmann Ghia prototype, didn’t win but the experience was amazing.

  4. The Austin-Healey 3000, the Jaguar XKE, the boat tail Auburn, and the early Firebird Trans-Ams. Now those were beautiful cars.

  5. This compilation only goes to prove that a car can be rare and can be beautiful. But not all rare cars are beautiful and not all beautiful cars are rare…

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I love how the Austin Healy had those very typically British dual side-draft carburettors. That was a handsome XJS! I love that VW “chirpy” exhaust! In 1995, I worked at a pharmaceutical company and would walk past the big boss’ F40 on the way into work (when it wasn’t snowing). Ahh, the memories!

  7. Owned a 1967 Volvo P1800 like the one in the video in white. Favorite car I’ve ever owned. Love to find another one.

  8. What a great selection of amazing cars love the Healey. Ferrari & the list goes on. Great thumbs up.

  9. I learned to drive manual on a Karmann Ghia. Then later I got one. It was underpowered but the balance on that car was unreal. It was waaaay more fun to drive than you think it would be and you could toss it around, flick it, rotate it, a real sports car.

    1. ….One day my son says to me, “Dad, I know why you like KG’s. Look at it. Its got hips, its got Breasts. It’s shaped like a woman”. Until that day, I was clueless………….

  10. I must say that all these cars might be Rare but very Espectacular and beautiful cars in the automotive history.

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I must say I had few disagreements! The Alfa 33 has been my ultimate dream car for many years and is too often overlooked on these lists…well done!

  12. OMG! Karmann Ghia.
    I had one built in 1963. Unfortunately I sold it… 🙁
    The big brother of this Type 14 was the Type 34 that looked like a small copy of the Chevrolet Corvair
    The VW Karmann Ghia TC 145,
    built in Brazil, was also a very nice car

  13. I may get some hate for this, but the ’63 split window Corvette is right up there with the best of them. I love the design of all these cars.

  14. Some very nice cars, but I wouldn’t call all them rare and I wouldn’t call all of ‘em beautiful.

  15. There’s a lot of Jaguars prettier than that. Wish I knew the make of the red car between the Alfa Romeo and the Austin Healy. That’s a sweet ride!

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