1,000 Miles In The NEW Lotus Emira! [Worth The Wait?]

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1,000 Miles In The NEW Lotus Emira! [Worth The Wait?]

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  1. Merry Christmas Sam, loved the videos this year. Onwards to your travels in 2023 & “plenty more videos to come!”

  2. I don’t often comment on YT videos however that ‘one take’ in the last 3rd of the video was great Sam. Spirted driving while reviewing the car, very professional. Great work Sam, keep it up. And Merry Christmas! 🎉

    1. @Gustavo Florio he really is… the quality of the filming, production, editing, and his personality. ….nice package !

  3. As always, great camera work & great video. Loved the angle facing out the front while you were giving your views on the car. Merry Christmas mate! Have a good one!

  4. It’s not about how early you can get the car and make content. It’s about how good the content is when you get the car. And your content is always good.

  5. Loving the drive shots, especially from inside the cabin overlooking the bonnet. Merry Christmas, great work, and keep them coming!

  6. Thank you Sam for a fun and informative year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. You do an exceptional job at presenting material… please please add more length to the places you stay…we not only enjoy cars, we enjoy architecture, style, food, etc. it’s a full package of “lifestyle” and honestly it may seem routine for you but for some of us we live through your adventures.
    Happy New Year!

  7. This video, and the Harry’s garage one, are the only two which have made the car really stand out in my opinion, such a cool car but the only way to show it off is to really use it

  8. Amasing to c some1 else to beat Shmee on content,especially on the Lotus!He’s only just done 100 miles,ures 1000!👍👌👊💪

  9. Seriously impressive videography – the effort that goes into making footage like this is mighty and single handedly is even more impressive. Top work Sam!

    1. @Amazingjason I’m pretty sure he used a 360 degree camera. And most likely he used a product by Insta360. I use one myself and love it. And yes he put in a lot of work to produce this video. Great job!!!

  10. lotus did a great job on this car. It looks amazing, the interior is nice with cool details. manual trasmission and It has enough power. and the sound 😍 this car is a 10/10 in my opinion.

  11. One of the best car content YT creators out there! Can’t wait for Australia! Wishing you and chat a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  12. You’d honestly think there is a huge production team helping film all of this, fantastic work as always Sam

  13. As an italian I say I’d love to own this car! Don’t get too wide, big, and unusable on B roads, Emira, and you’ll be fine! Great job, Lotus.

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