12 Most Exclusive And Rare Car Finds

Even those of us who don't understand much about cars understand that there's a distinction in between a traditional vintage car and a rusty old banger. We can comprehend a rusty old banger being deserted by its owner due to the fact that it no longer has any worth. We discover it far harder to understand why a beautiful old vintage car would be left behind and allowed to collect rust. We know that it occurs, though, and we have plenty of stunning examples to show you in this video!

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  1. I heard about a Jaguar back in the late 80s in a barn for 1000 dollars. I went to look and the woman said her husband had gotten it running about 20 years before , drove it awhile got sick and died and it had been there since , I was really excited until we went to look at it and the body had been rusted through with pin holes. I don’t think it would have survived a washing

  2. That eight-door Packard is the sole reason I clicked on this video! I would totally drive that thing, maybe even “retro-rod” it!!!!

  3. That Packard may have been purpose built in Freeport, Illinois by Henney Motors. They built Ambulances, Hearses and Flower Cars routinely as well as Harry Truman’s Limousine cars. This would NOT be out of the norm for them to build.

  4. Out of around 11,000 DeLoreans built, apparently 6,000 of them are still on the road; that’s a HIGH survival rate

  5. If you watch the car auctions it’s clear that Corvettes and Mercedes Benz cars do not retain much resale value. Unless you’ve got a special one, like one with a 427 or something, they go for cheap at the auctions. I’ve seen them go for as little as $6,000.

    1. So many cars look alike! Take the stinking badges off and you’re gonna cause some head-scratching! The bone yard cars are really a good test!

  6. I can remember riding with my mom in one of those car buses, probably 1959 or 60. Believe we were in Nevada or Arizona. I was 5 or 6,thought it was weird looking then.

  7. The three-wheeler was most likely knew in 1951 England was counting three wheels as motorcycles where the very cheap registration automobiles were not the same due to a shortage in fuel registration fees were extreme and were raised according to the size and weight of the vehicle

  8. Even those of us who don’t know much about cars understand that there’s a difference between a classic vintage automobile and a rusty old banger. We can understand a rusty old banger being abandoned by its owner because it no longer has any value. We find it far harder to understand why

  9. Well, I liked this video. I seemed to be able to sort out the featured car from the other examples.
    Loved these vintage rarities.

  10. That Delorean sitting in a barn surely got touched by a lot of mice even though the door wouldn’t open. All these old barn finds are mouse/rat castles. These old cars are literally ratty.

  11. Only 5000 DMC DeLoreans left, out of 9000 built? That’s not “only”, that’s a phenomenal survival rate!

  12. And the Sandford S type, which is pronounced French, was just a Morgan three wheeler that used a hooded 2 cylinder mostly Fiat engine, built in France in the 50’s, no big deal. Rare, yes, special, sort of, valuable, maybe.

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