12 Most Rare And Expensive Abandoned Cars

Being valuable or unusual is no secure versus being thrown away or left behind. If it were, we would not see a lot of examples of unusual and special vehicles being carelessly deserted by the roadside or left to fester in barns or garages. It's a pity that this occurs, but it's also a delighted occasion when someone discovers an unusual gem years later and handles to get it back up and running once again. Let's have a look at the stories of some particularly rare and valuable deserted cars in this video!

12 And Expensive

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  1. The ’68 Charger was available from the factory with the 6.3 liter engine (383). They were rare, with only 259 made, simply because people wanted the 440, or 426 engine options. The paint on that car isn’t original, in fact the color on it, Sublime, wasn’t even available until the 1970 model year.

    1. You sure about that? 383 was probably the most common, as the 318 and even the slant 6 was available!

    2. @Mike Makuh jeezus.. just cus you are a car nerd doesn’t mean you have to be an ahole. Do you come on these lists just to show your car knowledge superiority? Is it how you get your rocks off? lol Jeezus I mean it’s cool to love cars and be knowledgable but not cool to be an ahole to others because of it. It’s a hobby and doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. ๐Ÿ™„

    3. the cars shown are not the same cars found. well, not in every case anyway, most are similar because the people who made this video are lazy.

  2. That yellow corvette race car was not a drag racer. It’s says B/P which means B production SCCA road racing class small block.

  3. Some people would rather watch things rot than pass it on to someone who’ll care for it. A lot of car collectors are no better than people who fill several barns full of junk and then refuse to part with anything unless they get top dollar for something they’ll never use or remembered existed.

    25 years ago, I offered a man 10k for a 71 Dodge Charger with a blown engine which was in a dilapidated and nearly collapsed barn. The car had bricks piled all over it for some reason but all the original parts were there although the paint and body panels were rough having sat through many Canadian winters. He wanted more so I moved on. That car is still there, under the now fallen barn, and completely rusted through, twisted and worthless.

  4. I seen that Searay car being hauled northbound on I 65 above Huntsville Al. in the last two weeks .

    1. wow a love cars so much I’m going to go in a forest and see if I can find a abandoned car too. haha I’m living in a abandoned city with a lot of abandoned cars!!!

    2. I believe he might have meant the word- Iโ€™ve

      We all make errors and spellcheck sometimes auto corrects it on its own and we donโ€™t catch it when we hit Done or Send. No biggie because we all understood what he meant. โ€œNo harm no foulโ€ or was it โ€œfowlโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. All of the info about that 68 Charger was completely wrong. They made 17,000 Charger R/Ts, which mostly had 440 Magnums, though a couple hundred had the 426 Hemi. But that wasn’t 6.3 liters (383), it was 7.0. And it wasn’t 294 hp, it was (nominally) 425. But that one did NOT appear to be Hemi Charger, though it did have an R/T stripe on the back. And I’m pretty sure Sublime/Limelight Green, a “Hi Impact” color, wasn’t available until ’69.

  6. That boat car would’ve been worth the asking price if it were truly able to be driven in the water as well as on land

  7. i remember the ed ‘big daddy’ roth car from hot rod magazine. i think there was a model kit of it. we saw one of his cars at a car show in boston, ma. early 60’s.

  8. “68 Dodge Chargers with the 383 engine is not really rare! They made thousands of them. If it had a Hemi … now that’s different!

  9. A 1968 Dodge Charger with a 383ci motor (6.3L) from factory has 335hp so what is so special about this motor? The 383 is the motor that made Mopar which means itโ€™s a common motor that was ordered from factory.

  10. That yellow corvette race car was not a drag racer. It’s says B/P which means B production SCCA road racing class small block.

  11. 11:00 My guess is the Corvette styled car road raced from its birth, then drag raced. With so many strips gone extinct it would be difficult to impossible to find where it raced or who drove it. Being chopped up for Drag racing was a bitter end to beautiful cars

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    2. @Sergio Lucas thanks for your reply. I found the site thru google and I’m trying it out atm.
      Looks like it’s gonna take quite some time so I will reply here later with my results.

  12. I got a 70 Spitfire for 125 bucks , no start . Towed it home , pulled the motor put in new flywheel bolts and a lot of fun . Would like to have another .

  13. The Auburn Speedster has been on my dream car garage list for a very long time. Itโ€™s one of the most beautiful cars I think thatโ€™s been ever built.

  14. My brother’s ’70’s Spitfire was an automotive money pit. I wouldn’t mind if they started making VW Karmann Ghias again. I wonder if someone made dune buggies with the Bug engines?

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