12 Most Rare And Expensive Abandoned Cars

Nobody ever said automobiles were cheap. You may be able to purchase a pre-owned runaround for a hundred dollars or two, however if you want a quality cars and truck that's going to last you a while, you'll require to put down a big payment. That generally provides you a reward to care for your cars and truck, however not everyone treats their vehicles with regard. That's why uncommon and costly vehicles sometimes end up being deserted, like the poor forgotten examples you will see in this video!

12 And Expensive Cars

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  1. That’s the former drag strip at Fremont, Ca. at the beginning of the dragster portion. I lived near there in the late 1960s. The site was even seen in old movies.

    ย It’s now a business park, along with the motocross track and glider airport. Sometimes progress seems to run backwards.

    1. Doggeslife …..Baylands Raceway is now an empty business park, and overpriced condos that have not one resident who’s from America, or speaks English fluently….it’s disgusting and pathetic…I used to race my Honda 250R ATC at the 1/4mile oval when I was kid at Baylands, still live in San Jose too….

    2. My local drag strip has been closed and the owners are in talks of selling it where it will be torn down and turned into a fish farm

  2. The Veyron was probably in need if a normal service and owner decided to buy a new car for his kid for the money the service would cost.

  3. I live in Minnesota and was friends with a kid whose parents had a friend that had 14 or 15 rare 1st and second gen Mustangs and a Trans Am or two sitting in a small backyard in a pretty lower rent neighborhood… He showed us around them once and I was just stunned at how he just had so many rare examples and how he kept them either under tarps or open to the elements…. What happened to him or the cars i have no idea I need to get back in touch with that friend and ask him

    1. @Nolan Goldberger ok well yep just called him first time in a year or two hes had the same number for 17 years! A cell phone and we are in our early 30s!

      But that guy still has the majority of them I guess hope he’s taking better care of them tho at least built a pole barn

  4. For the dragster I think it ran like 5 or 6 seconds on the quarter mile with I say 1500 or 1600 horsepower big block engine

  5. The dragster is from the early 60s and would have been outdated by 1965 as a front engine rear seat dragster.

  6. Back in the day, my wife’s Uncle bought a brand NEW 1964 Jaguar XKE. British Racing Green. Equipped with the 4 chrome exhaust pipe out the center rear. He stopped driving into back in 1970 and stuck in a barn. It got small leak in the aluminum radiator. He never got it fixed. He fell on hard times and let it sit there with intentions of handing it down to his son after he passed. When I saw it back in 1983, it only had 40,000 miles on it. Filthy from being uncovered but totally restorable. Her Uncle passed in 1999 and the Jag went to his son. His moron son had aspirations of raping it by putting a small block Chevy V8 into it and painting it Silver. Yup. You read that right.

  7. Like the 54 jag. My buddy has a 53 with about 40,000 miles on it. He is just the second owner – bought it in 1970 from the original owner. Takes immaculate care of it – still has original paint

  8. I had a 1974 Pontiac Trans Am just like the one at 6:38 except mine had the honeycomb rims and it did not have the Super Duty 455 it had the Y code 455 the one below the SD 455 it was red with black interior automatic with power windows

  9. So, imagine leaving your nissan tida in a barn and then 90 years later someone would find it and say “damn a 2012 nissan tida what a find!”

    The world is strange.

  10. Slingshot started around 1950s but in slingshots for most used in the 1960s this one might have been early or late 60s

  11. You can definitely get a good quality car for cheap dude. I got a 79 F150 4×4 for free. It hadnโ€™t run in 4 years and I got it running, and it was very quickly more reliable than my dads restored 72 Chevelle

  12. Its amazing how these people hold onto the cars for years only for relatives to get hungry and sell em that’s probably why there families were not told about them

  13. Funny how they were trying to making hover cars in the 1950s and then 70 years later weโ€™re not even trying to do that

  14. number 3 aka thr dragster i met the owner the other day and he showed me around the thing and told me the whole entire story behind it. The thing was so cool!

  15. 4:11 I saw in real life, the owner cleaned it up and he showed me it and all around it and told me the story behind it. It was an awesome experience!

  16. I’m struggling to decide if the Pontiacs were rare or expensive?

    Then of course there’s the Pontiac Mooria.

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