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  1. I wish I lived close to you Dennis and worked for you because I’m a car nut. I had a 1969 Nova in high school I got it in 73 from my mother and I just loved it. It wasn’t a SS but I never got beat in it when racing. Guys would pull up next to me in Camaros push in their clutch, rev their engines and point wanting to race. I SLIPPED MY TWO SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION INTO NEUTRAL REVVED IT UP AND WHEN THE LIFHT CHANGED IT WAS ON. My Powerglide shifted at 70mph so when they were using their clutch and shifting gears my foot was on the floor the entire time and I pulled away from them. It was great because when they got beside me and saw 307 on the fender and they had a 350 they thought I GOT THIS. Well they never did I beat β€˜em every time. Drag Racers are still using power glides today, lots of them. WELL DENNIS THEIRS MY STORY BRO

  2. April 29 in the video… July 29 in the Description. May want to address that unless you are having 2 auctions.

  3. I fell in love with late 60’s Chargers when Roger Lindamood brought his Color Me Gone funny car to Tulsa Intl

  4. Love the sound of the door creek when Dennis says I would agree, creek. Always great editing.

  5. My dad had a β€˜68 440 before I was born in β€˜74. Only car he ever had that I wish he still did when I was growing up!

  6. I bought a 69 Dodge Charger in 1975. It was yellow with tan interior. I was in the Army stationed in Maryland. I had to sell it 3 years later when I came down on orders for duty overseas. I miss that car!

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