1984 American Motors Limited Eagle 4WD Wagon on Bring-A-Trailer!

1984 Limited Eagle 4WD Wagon on Bring-A-Trailer!

Bring-A-Trailer Auction:
Auction ends Tuesday, Might 24 at 12:29 pm CST

This 1984 Eagle Limited wagon is said to have been owned by a single household prior to being gotten by the selling dealer in Might 2021, and now shows 3,400 miles. Ended up in two-tone beige and brown over tan leather upholstery, the vehicle is powered by a 258ci inline-six mated to a three-speed automated transmission and a single-speed transfer case. Equipment consists of 15" alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, a lift package, and an AM/FM cassette stereo, and current service is stated to have actually consisted of refinishing the wheels and changing the headliner and tires. This Eagle Limited wagon is now offered by the selling dealer in Texas with manufacturer's literature, initial purchase documents, an accident-free Carfax report, and a tidy Pennsylvania title.

Lot # 74211.
Chassis: 2CCCK3879EB722460.
3,400 Miles Shown.
258ci Inline-Six.
Three-Speed Automatic Transmission.
Single-Speed Transfer Case.
Two-Tone Beige & Brown.
Tan Leather Upholstery.
15" Alloy Wheels.
All-Terrain Tires.
Front Disc Brakes.
Lift Kit.
AM/FM Cassette Stereo.
Preliminary Purchase Documents.
Manufacturer's Literature.
Accident-Free Carfax Report.

Bring-A-Trailer Auction:.
Auction ends Tuesday, May 24 at 12:29 pm CST.

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1984 Limited Eagle 4WD Wagon on Bring-A-Trailer!

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  1. We had the 2 door spirit 4 cylinder. The car was bulletproof. We were 2nd owners and drove it through high school. We never had a failure. Was crazy reliable.

    1. Nice! Always wanted one for ski trips, camping and fishing. Ive owned a bunch of wagons. Now I’ve got a Subaru turbo Forrester. A pretty quick car for a little wagon.
      Did the Eagles have a 2 speed transfer case?

  2. My first car was an 84 Eagle SX4, 2 door hatchback, wish I still had it. Awesome in the snow !

  3. What’s funny is that this is what everyone wants now, but back then they couldn’t give them away. Shows how much AMC new what people wanted before they new what they wanted!

    1. As far I know, the true AMC fans back in the day LOVED them; yet at the same time the damned Chrysler minivans had just debuted as well. Ergonomics for the masses as well as cost is probably what killed them off. Because as every mechanic knows, these were a whole lot more reliable long term. Definitely have to give it to the engineers at AMC though, they made the Hornet body last a long time!

    2. @James Thompson u r correct – people did love them. And they sold well. I’m looking at the comments and am always amazed 40 years later at the amount of haters. Most of them never owned an AMC and ALL of them have no idea what they are talking about.

    3. @Audie Conrad Well, to be honest here, I did always think they were ugly, but doesn’t mean I’m a hater.
      Facts are facts & those were one of the best(& early) examples of AWD family truckster full of refinement & reliability. They were ahead of their time comparing to today’s family vehicle demands.

  4. Dennis you are absolutely the coolest and baddest dude. I remember the video that you bought this car. My buddy had a two tone blue 2 door AMC eagle. I believe 1983? But I have never questioned anything you have ever done till now. New headliner but the old visors.

  5. Back in 85 I had one and it was the easiest car to fix. It was just like you see it and growing up in Philadelphia there was never a problem during winter. The lift kit looks great and so does the tires. Mine had the Rusty Jones treatment and it really did work. And they were easy to maneuver and to parallel park. I used to haul my Mom and my Sister who was disabled in the Wagon all over and could put a ton of groceries in the back without blinking an eye. Thank You πŸ™ and God Bless for the great videos but also letting me reminisce. Thanks Dennis

  6. I remember when those cars came out. Hated them and loved them. Now, I would daily that beast. I love that car!!!

    I love these videos. Blows my mind how much Dennis likes cars.

  7. I worked for a supplier and called on AMC Engineering in Detroit during this era. The car Dennis showcased was perfect for Detroit pot hole strewn streets with its raised ground clearance. This vehicle was way ahead of its time and really the precursor to modern SUV with more ground clearance and 4WD. It looks strikingly similar to a Subaru of today…lol.
    Of course, AMC is long gone now. Too many stories to tell of growing up in a suburb of Detroit and building muscle cars as a kid but my father was an engineer for Chevrolet and one street over there as a Ferrari GTO and another chief engineer who used to bring home experimental AMC products. One time I recall as a kid, this chief engineer….I knew his son…brought home a AMC AMX…you guys remember that car with 390 motor…a shortened Javelin? Only this one had a blower sticking out of the hood…made at AMC, not home spun. A great era to grow up. A more innocent time where the cops would let us play more.

    1. Must have been a great time to be around all those cool people and cars, thanks for posting that. I love the AMC AMX and with a blower would have been even more awesome.

    2. My good friend and old boss, an engineer at NASA has a Javelin with the big block. He rebuilt and modified the motor to make quite a bit more power. It’s a very cool, fast and unique car. You very rarely see them anymore. He takes his Javelin to local shows and meets now and then.
      Dennis procures so many rare and oddball gems. I always liked the Eagles too. I’ve always had a thing for wagons. Ive owned several including a monster 455 Olds Vista Cruiser. This thing was a real boat. A massive amount of torque and power! Ive also owned a number of Subarus, now a screamer turbo Forrester. This is my modern hot rod. It gets decent mileage IF I can keep my right foot off the floor!
      Its pretty obvious Dennis really loves his job. That’s really important.
      Ive quit jobs when they’re less than enjoyable. I quit NASA when it became political. I’m just a machinist who builds things. There’s no sense in politics as far as I’m conccerned. It doesn’t get ANYTHING built NOR fixed. Being miserable is no way to spend so much out our time! Money is not THAT important to me. It doesn’t add to your life. Happiness just might.
      Even when I’m having a rough day at work Ill chant to myself, “I love my job, I love my job”
      When I can’t convince myself of this anymore, I offer my resignation and move on!

    3. @RollinRat I’m 66 I had a 69 lemon 390, master cylinder every 2 years windows fell down into the doors headliner came off on the highway, needed head job at 48,000 miles new transmission at 65,000 miles,one day getting new tires, the spring, driver side came out almost hit tire guy.but hey it make me a good mechanic thanks!

  8. The headrests on the front seats are awesome! (as seen in the beginning of the video).
    Nice work!!

  9. I was a mechanic at an AMC dealer when these were new, they were quite popular and built like a tank.
    The ones with wood grain on them sold as well as the Jeep Grand Wagoneers with wood trim.
    They both sold out at our dealership.

    1. Most of the mail carriers in my area drove them because of how capable they were with the 4WD.

  10. That shot at 4:18 – For a split second I was taken back to the early 80s, riding in the back seat of our wagon on a warm summer day with my father driving.

  11. I had an 85. Totally loaded. Maroon and tan interior. What a great ride. Big 6 cylinder and totally loaded. I used it in Maine in Winter time as an insurance appraiser for automotive losses. Got around super in snow and ice.

  12. Brings back memories. My parents bought a brand new one in blue/gray back in the day. Rear window kept leaking from the factory, dealer failed to fix it, so we quickly got rid of it πŸ™‚

  13. Such a cool and interesting car. I think I would actually drive and enjoy it if I owned it. You guys have it looking like it just rolled out of the factory! πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  14. That eagle wagon is absolutely gorgeous, always thought they were pretty cool growing up. You don’t see them very often anymore, especially like back in the older days. They were good cars actually, keep up the good work.

  15. This is basically an AMC Hornet, then they added 4 wheel drive. My 1974 Hornet Sport About wagon had the same exact 258 cubic inch straight 6. It was a fantastic engine and I drove it from Alaska to Texas. No problems. The car was on rails. Started everytime, was absolutely reliable. Got great gas mileage, and had plenty of power with top speed at about 120.

  16. Dennis I agree that this has to be the best Eagle out there! In 1979 my Dad retired & sold his Road Runner and bought a brand new Pacer. It was red and fully loaded with AC and every possible option! At the time I thought he was nuts selling the Road Runner & buying the Pacer but he traveled all over the country in that Pacer & it was really reliable! He always seemed happy with it! Thanks for posting cool videos and ones that are a bit unusual!

  17. Had a couple of these back in highschool. An 81 fulltime 4wd and an 84 select trac. Both 6 cyl autos. They had a TH400 gm transmission. They were awesome in the U.P. of Michigan’s winters. Also had a AMC Spirit with a 360V8 and 4 speed 2wd. Damn thing was fun.

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