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  1. Why are you started doing reviews with your friends? I get it, you want to share passion with people you care about, but why now?

    1. He has been doing it with classic cars, which don’t do too well. Might as well have fun filming it with friends then.

  2. Beautiful Cruise control button…. we need more of that!

    I’ve almost got a photo set because I’ve once forgotten to “reset” the cruise of my Gangwagen! 130 in a 110 Kph motorway.

  3. My dad had one of these when I was a kid, and i had an 89 when I was a teenager. A few similarities still to the 89 model. My dad always told a story about how the AC used to make ice cubes that would fall out of the vents.

  4. i think the trip button is so big because before gps people would hit the trip button to calculate how many miles they went on each road.
    absolutely love the “Power Steering” prominently displayed on the steering wheel under the Honda logo

  5. I have not seen an ’85 Accord in years! Or, I did not notice the Honda. Please save more once common cars like this

  6. Doug is the type of guy to have biased redditors as his fans 💀
    The comments are so immature

  7. This was literally my first car!! I had it for 8 years and put 210k miles on it what a great car!

    1. I wouldn’t do this to my kid even if it is his first car a $300 a month mustang over this any day

    2. @Jeffrey’s SVT Productions Sounds like you aren’t very smart lol. A Mustang for your child’s first car instead of a reliable safe economical car.

    3. @John mustang fanboys aren’t very smart, and they wonder how the mustang got the title of crowd killer…

    4. ​@Jeffrey’s SVT ProductionsHondas are incredibly safe and new one will last your child 20+ years or 300,000 miles.

    5. I paid $800 for it in 96 it had 133k on it with a bad fuel pump lol great car after I put the pump in! 5 speed it was great in gas and I drove it everywhere!

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