1985’s Supercar Killer was a Volkswagen? Jason’s Mk II GTI (DTB 026)

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This one's for you VW geeks! from , Scotto's number 1 frenemy, came over Compton to display his latest acquisition: a Mars red 1985 . In outstanding condition despite driving around 2 frigid environments, this economy model packed quite a punch back in the day!

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1985's Supercar Killer was a Volkswagen? Jason’s Mk II GTI (DTB 026)

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  1. 85 mk2 was my first car. I still have it 8 years later and working on vr6 swapping it! Amazing cars

    1. @baller to each their own man. I love all cars but I’ve got a thing for old slow German shitboxes. I can’t help it 😂

    2. @jerodTSI it’s an afp 2.8. It’s mounted and cranks but I’m waiting on some parts to run a fuel system

    3. @Ryan Farrell mine is far from mint but always ran. In a family of 6 with everyone having newer cars they have had to borrow the golf many times 😂

    4. @ogbubba👌 save up money and make a lot of time for it 😂 forums make it sound way easier than it is

    1. This is all the content I loved before they became a huge TV channel owned by a multi company owning conglomerate that needs views to make ad rev. It turned into a stand alone business and not a side job to market a clothing/lifestyle brand

  2. This definitely gives me some nostalgia. I definitely miss my 89 Gti 16v. I always thought the big door, small bumper combo was the best looking.

  3. FINALLY! 😁Thank you so much for finally seeing some MKII content here! This one really is a time machine! I could talk hours about MKIIs.

    Simply best car ever… ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. 1984 GTI was my transition from air to water. Very fun, but needed more 5th gear. Got a 92 (8v as well)
    GTI and loved it!

  5. Honestly I love watching these types of videos from you guys, where you just geek out over obscure older stuff. It’s cool to watch as a 19 year old to get a sense of what the car enthusiast scene was like before I came into this world

  6. Ive had 4 mk2’s, definatly relate to the nostalgia. But ours have round headlights… the way it should be.

    1. As someone with a Jetta: Aero headlights are where it’s at lol. Rallye and Westy front ends are good too. Really need to start working on my MK2 again sometime, been too busy doing MK3 things for like 3 years to touch it.

  7. My roommate and good buddy passed away in his 86 jetta when we were 18. This brought back some memories in his car.
    Glad he got to take it with him. RIP Phil

  8. Ahhh, the memories!!! Favorite car I ever owned was when in college and had an 87 MKII GTI 16V. Midnight Blue Metal Flake with the teardrop alloys. Quick, practical, fun, solid unit. Never tired of pushing that car to its limits. I would probably still have it to this day had I warned my little bro of its tendency toward lift-off snap oversteer prior to him wrapping it around a telephone pole 😳. Rest In Pieces Blue Bomber 💙 brother was shaken, but ultimately OK.

  9. I was more of a scirocco guy, I had 8 of them, and didn’t get my first GTI until my MK7. But I rode in and worked on ton of these MK2’s and love this content! So glad there is an actual vw nerd with Y’all!

  10. 15 years ago, my dad restored one. Lowered on BBS’s, intake, exhaust en freshly painted.

    Sadly an uninsured moped drove into it, after someone put diesel in it after a test drive. Such an awesome car, I wish I can buy one the in the future

  11. In Belgium it was knowed as the “getaway car” in the 80’s. It was fast enough to get away from the cops and a lot of criminals used it.

  12. Despite the fact it’s red, I love that car. I’ve been addicted to VW’s all my life.
    I have a Montana Green 1992 GTI (also have the Matchbox car just like it) that’s been dead in my garage since 2010 but I refuse to let it go. I have 5 times the money in my car than it’s “worth”.
    Have Recaro seats from a 2001 Jetta GLI, which STILL look like new.

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