1987 Ferrari Testarossa on Bring-A-Trailer!

1987 is LIVE NOW on Bring-A-Trailer!

Link to Bring-A-Trailer Auction:
Auction ends Wednesday, July 27 at 3:45 pm CST

This 1987 is powered by a 4.9-liter flat-12 paired with a five-speed manual transaxle and is ended up in black over beige Connolly leather. Equipment consists of Cromodora center-lock wheels, pop-up headlights, a/c, power windows, a CD stereo, and a gated shifter. The car was sold new in Illinois and hung around in Michigan and West Virginia prior to the selling dealership's acquisition in 2021. Service in preparation for the sale included an engine-out belt service that included the replacement of the camera belts and tensioners, distributor cap and rotor, trigger plugs and wires, drive belts, and battery. This Testarossa reveals 15k miles and is now provided in Texas with maker's literature, a tool kit, service records, a tidy Carfax report, and a tidy West Virginia title.

Lot # 79840
Chassis: ZFFSG17A5H0073113
15k Miles Shown
4.9-Liter Flat-12
Five-Speed Manual Transaxle
Limited-Slip Differential
Black Repaint
Beige Connolly Leather
Cromodora Center-Lock Wheels
Power Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
Power Windows
Gated Shifter
CD Stereo
Tool Package
Tidy Carfax Report

Link to Bring-A-Trailer Auction:
Auction ends Wednesday, July 27 at 3:45 pm CST

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1987 Testarossa on Bring-A-Trailer!

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  1. I had a Testarossa poster on my wall (red) back in 1987 when I was 17. One of, if not the most beautiful cars ever built.

    1. I had a white testarossa and a white countach posters on my wall same year 87,and a white detomasa pantera

    2. @nik geld I had the white Testarossa and the red Countach. I think every male of our generation had at least one of those two cars on their wall at one point in time.

  2. So I’ve been commenting on your videos saying please show us the work you’ve done and a finished product on some of these great cars you’re getting. So for this video, and hopefully lots more like it to come, all I can say is thank you. I’d love to see the results on some of those great Mustangs you’ve picked up. Great job guys, love the channel.

  3. Hey Dennis another great video especially at the end listening to the exhaust going thru the gears

  4. Dennis y su equipo deberian de tener 1 millón de subscriptores como minimo!!!!. Gracias Dennis!!!!

  5. As a salesman myself, I hope everyone fully appreciates your candid and honest evaluations I have never heard you exaggerate or make claims that you’re not confident about with any of your vehicles and that is so refreshing and though I may never own one of these cars is a pleasure to ride along with you

  6. What a salesman! I bought a 81 cj7 from you in 1998 Dennis. Still drive by cbj and admire your success to this day

  7. Thank you, Dennis, for taking us along for this pristine example of the prancing horse edition of this black Testarossa.
    Attention to detail on steroids. Looks great, sounds terrific. You are very fortunate to have owned 4 of these gems.
    Having said this- I think we all remember the poster on our wall back in the 80’s. Sleek wide body menacing in its appearance.
    Miami Vice- Sonny Crocket white version running the streets hunting the players from Colombia.

    The other example of the Testarossa that I have followed on You-Tube has been on Harry’s Garage, a red and tan model.
    2000 miles to the Saraha desert- not something you normally see from a Ferrari owner on any given day.
    Just a quick run down through France, wailing the V12 sound, scaring the drivers who happen to be in his way.
    Loading 2 folding bikes in a Testarossa is a marvel to behold, not to be out done- on the return trip with an outboard motor.
    Wife and their luggage too, plus 14 bottles of champagne in the boot. Adaptable for every day excursions should you choose to.
    Large gas tank, with respectable mpg when cruising the asphalt at 85 mph plus. GPS maybe not as Harry uses paper maps.

  8. Although this car is out of my league. But after following Dennis on tv and YouTube over the least few years, I see a man with a strong work ethic and good morals and seeing how he treats his employees, associates and the general public, I would not hesitate to purchase a vehicle from him based on his word alone.

  9. I’ve always been more of a team Lamborghini guy. But, the Testarossa has always been my favorite Ferrari. Just a beautiful car. Great restoration!👍

  10. Its a beautiful car! And I know collectors will go crazy to get it. I’m sure the price for this Ferrari will be as high if not more then a new Ferrari. Love your show because its real. Show some restoration builds on some of these cool cars your collecting,

  11. Amazing job Denise,, My dad is very proud 🥹 of this, as well am I !! You a great guy to interact with! I just wish we got chance to meet you sir!! Don’t sell it keep it sir!! You look great in it!! Dang love to watch u hit those gears!! It is a stunning car I’ve always loved it! You should see his Panera he had built right before buying this Ferrari !! One day hope to meet you!

  12. Thank you for sharing these with us Dennis. 👌🏻 I always love the content. Here in the 🇬🇧

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