2 RARE Jensens with Rob Wolfe from American Pickers!!

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2 RARE Jensens with Rob Wolfe from American Pickers!!

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    1. The Jensen bros made car bodies then moved into cars after the 2nd World War.
      A Lord Carrington used to own Jensens, and a Jensen built Volvo was the first car driven by Roger Moore on ITV or CTV I believe its called .
      And it was built in the Black country in the Midlands in a town called West Bromwich, yes like the football team.

  2. Congratulations to that Chef. He did a masterful job in presenting his specials. I’d love to go to Davenport, Iowa just to dine with him.

    1. He needs to learn that Cajun food isn’t from New Orleans though. It is Creole food in and around New Orleans. You have to get a little west of Baton Rouge for Cajun food. Everyone associates all of us from Louisiana with Cajun food though so I’ll give the Yank a pass. 😂😂😂

  3. Mike Wolfe has a great Motorcycle collection too.
    The ultimate expert on pre 1950’s and 1920 Harleys..etc
    Like Patrick Glenn Nichols is the expert on 1970 SS Chevelles, it’s amazing the amount of knowledge you guys have for every little detail.

    1. You must not know about wheels through time 😂😂. Mike is a novice, he just plays a expert on TV. That whole show is nothing but fake reality drama TV. Congrats, you fell for it 😂😂

  4. Very impressed with your knowledge of foreign marques Dennis, hadn’t seen that before, hope to see more along these lines!

    1. There’s a channel in the UK called Retropower Cars who are doing a restomod on one.
      You would have to sort through their vids. to see the progression but they do awesome work and videos imo.
      I love those Jensens but man were they built rough back in the day.

  5. The crossover appeal on this episode was through the roof , antiques , cars , collectibles and for Rob to share so much knowledge , awesome episode!

  6. Man that food looked INCREDIBLE! My mouth is watering all over the place.
    Thank you Dennis for letting us know what the BMW went for. Many blessings to you and Alex.

  7. Dennis, please create another channel documenting the restoration of he cars you restore. As a kid who grew up “helping” my dad on his restoration projects I would watch every episode.

  8. Dennis I always appreciate the fact that you don’t make money the centerpoint of these videos. Focus on the story of the car and the outcome. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. That’s only because he doesn’t want anyone knowing his business. Dollars and cents a secret so it doesn’t screw up his deal down the road.

    2. Honestly I don’t think it’s any of our business what u sell your cars for. Is it an added perk, sure but at the end of the day this is your business and how you support your family. Love ur content and keep it up

  9. Got Davis Cup tennis on TV, Coffee Walk on the laptop, Dana Valley wine in the glass and Lindt dark chocolate served on a plate – perfect start again to the weekend. Never seen a Jensen, thanks for sharing. Greetings from Finland!

  10. man, i hope you do a series “keeping up with the jensens” cause i really wanna see the restore videos of these. they are just so unique

  11. Once a week I am blown away by the latest episode of Coffee Walk…BOOM!! My head exploded this week when I saw what you were buying, I know just enough to be dangerous. Thank you for sharing the cars and Rob Wolfes shop is amazing. Oh, and as a bonus the food looked incredible.

  12. I wish my life included purchasing a Fastback as an afterthought! Love it! Keep doing what you do Dennis. Love watching!

  13. Just when I think Coffee Walk couldn’t get any better, you lay this amazing episode on us. Really, the chef, the food, the shop, the wealth of knowledge. And then to finish with TWO cars I have never seen before. In your words Dennis, OUTSTANDING!!

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