2008 Audi S5 is V8 Manual Beauty #shorts


Audi S5 review from Hoovie's Garage! The original Audi S5 had it all– gorgeous styling, V8 power, and a 6-speed manual transmission. This S5 is an unique cars and truck, and I'm going to take you on a complete tour of all of its quirks and functions. I'm also going to Hoovie's Audi S5 and I'll show you what it resembles behind the wheel of this S5!


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2008 Audi S5 is V8 Manual Beauty #shorts

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    1. @Ivan
      Yeah, but they kinda try to reduce it. As far as the VAG architecture (MLB, MQB) allows it…

    1. ​@Eric C. I just learned about the other 4.2 after watching his video. I was very sad that all the 4.2’s were off limits but now I’m happy

    2. @Eric C. correct. The earlier years were time bombs that needed carbon cleanings constantly to stay somewhat decent. The newer ones are good though. I still loved my sc 3.0 tho. Thing moved

    3. @kcomeskyy yup I’d love to own another S5 now that I have more mechanical knowledge. But the S4 looks equally cool, has back doors, and the supercharged v6 is pretty reliable from what I’ve seen (at least in comparison to my 2011 4.2 😂)

      Maybe I’ll just go S4. Love the look of the B8.5

  1. First time I saw one of these it was white and my jaw hit the floor. My favorite ones are from the 2013 generation in terms of styling. I wish it maintained a version of the V8 though.

  2. Doug you should do a shot of you accelerating from outside the car, instead of us only being able to hear cars from the interior

  3. How weird Doug “DeMuro”,it was designed by the Italian Walter “DeSilva” see the pattern?
    I still don’t understand why you’ve never said you’re of Italian heritage because it’s very noticeable from your surname

  4. This is more comparable to the BMW e92 335i than the M3 and where i am its more expensive and overall worse.. cool but over shadowed for sure

  5. I think shorts is a great place to post the false takes and spoofs of the videos… We like to see you make mistakes…

  6. It’s crazy that this is more powerful than the current model S5. And this is 15 years ago. Not to mention the Manual Transmission. The design is absolutely gorgeous. Also, Doug is the type of guy who makes shorts of cars for those who don’t wanna watch his whole video. JK Doug, you’re awesome.

  7. All generations of the a5 coupe body are beautiful in my eyes because of the proportions that were carried over to the next. The front end of this generation is a little dated but the rest still looks amazing to this day

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