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    1. @Caporegime still, it’s a pretty big car and comparing to a car with the same size from 20 years ago, they had tons more room.
      The thing is with the advancements of safety regulations and technology car panels are getting thicker and wider by the day and ultimately there’s less room inside.

  1. I love sedans. only thing I wish I could do is a “high water” mode that would raise the car to go through higher water or rough roads without bottoming out. Make it safe to do so no faster than 30 mph. There’s already modes that lower cars. I know it can be done aftermarket but voids warranty. Do it from the factory. Guaranteed that mode will be used way more often where I live…Houston Texas

    1. I’m like 6’2.5″, and could probably get away with saying I’m 6’3″ without a challenge, but I chose to be honorable and say I’m only 6’2″.

      And that’s why I’m not running a car review YouTube channel.

    1. @Mustafa Mohammad ofc ur gonna think an Audi is taste πŸ™„ sane people will disagree tho 🀣🀣

  2. We got A4 a month ago with competition plus pack, and it is a beautiful sedan, as a 44 year old I rememper when sport sedans where β€œthe thing” and I wish more people try these instead of SUVs ❀

  3. Doug should test the Skoda Superb 3, maybe not as fancy as the new A6, but also pretty cool.

  4. 6’4 “adult”.

    Adults don’t like cars, only kids do.
    We all are kids. ❀

  5. Doug is the type of guy to wear protection while self pleasuring himself in the back seat of a car🀭

  6. If I had a penny for how many times doug mentions he’s 6’4 I could afford this car

  7. I’ll remember this practical advice for when I’ve suddenly got Audi money to spend

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