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    1. The correct answer is actually that in North America, cars – even European ones which have orange rear turn signals in all other markets where they’re sold – are often built with red turn signals in the rear light clusters. They’re proven to be less safe than orange turn signals and yet are still widely used here.

      My 2020 Volvo XC90 has orange rear turn signals in all other markets except here in NA where they are red. It’s outdated, it’s pointless, it adds to manufacturing costs and is just plain stupid.

    2. @Lensflair
      But why do some brands come with yellow turn signals ex: Toyota Camry, Corolla, Cadillac Escalade, and Acura Integra all of them are assembled in The USA and sold in the USA with yellow turn signals.
      I think it’s up to the manufacturer to use yellow or red rear turn signals

  1. It’s all so cool until you realize a single headlight now costs hundreds of dollars.

    Okay y’all, I knew I was off and lowballing when I said it. It was just a quick comment. Didn’t think it would be over $2,000 though. And to the others saying I’m broke and can’t afford it. Okay…I just think money can be better spent on more meaningful things. To each their own. Spend your money how you like.

    1. @stauner42 you’re right, I was curious so I checked. $4,571.67 from the dealership for a single headlight assembly 💀

    2. If you’re talking about the bulb, then yes. Those headlights are thousands of dollars

    3. @Spencer Lorrigan sounds about right. I just had to get a new headlamp assembly for my 2019 3 series, $2500 later. And they’re not even the lasers, either!

    1. @TwinTurbo Rayits audi as a brand. they are probably the only cars in europe with red blinkers idky

    2. @747simmeractually, in the EU all cars are mandated to have separate turn signals in the rear that are orange. what many companies end up doing is producing slightly separate rear light fixtures for different markets to meet their laws and regulations.

    1. @Giovanne Beistlinethey can’t. Audi wanted to do the swiping motion but US law mandates to have minimum initial lit area. So they had to light up the brake light to satisfy that. I’m guessing dual color indicators are not allowed so they made it all red and call it a day.

  2. Doug, if you review the 2023 A4, I’ll write a bot to create a 100,000 fake email addresses, register them all on youtube, and subscribe them to your channel. Deal?

  3. Definitely looks better than the new bmw rear lights I thought they were broken on some of the suvs😂

  4. In an old review of the past generation of one of the Audis, you explained why turn signals work the way they do, due to North American traffic laws. I thought: well done Audi. But then the GMC Hummer EV comes out with the perfect running turn signals, and I’m LOL on Audi. Why Audi didn’t do the same with such an example, and they still have the whole taillight is a turn signal, that’s looks awful, after Hummer

  5. Wow, a car that doesn’t have an uninspiring light bar in 2023? Would you look at that!

  6. Audi really kicked off the stylish DLR trend. Before they began using specific lights for DLR pretty sure everything was just dimmed high beams. Or the parking lights for GM. That got the job done but never looked cool. Now every make follows Audi’s stylish way, with a few exceptions

  7. “That’s an expensive would be a shame if it were to break” – Scotty Kilmer 2023

  8. It would be a sad day in my life if I needed my car’s headlamps to ‘dance’ to make me feel special.😕

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