2023 BMW M2 Engine Cover Quirks #shorts


2023 BMW M2 review! The brand-new BMW M2 seems like an old-school M cars and truck, with small sizing, a 6-cylinder engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission– and today, I'm going to evaluate it. I'm going to reveal you all the peculiarities and functions of the M2, and after that I'm going to get behind the wheel of the new 2023 BMW M2 and evaluate the driving experience.


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2023 BMW M2 Engine Cover Quirks #shorts

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  1. I’ve been crying out for shorter Doug videos for years and now he can’t stop torturing me with these 10 second clips arrgghhhhh!!!

    1. @Dragos Pahontu People just love to bash on BMWs for their poor reliability because it’s mostly an internet meme, without ever having owned a BMW. My E46 320i holds up really good after 200k miles and my dads G80 from 2020 after 134k miles had no issues yet, even though it’s driven for long drives daily. Sure, the check engine light on my 320 sometimes lights up, but connected to no technical deficiencies, and I know my mechanics.

  2. That’s actually incorrect. I am pretty sure that’s where you put your guacamole and chips at car meets with the hood open. You should know your facts Doug!

  3. Reminds me of how one of my friends thought my old Toyota had an inline 6 when in reality the 5vz-fe just has a goofy intake manifold with all the runners in a row. Actually this reminds me of two things! One time another friend thought her Buick lacrosse had a V8 because the engine cover had 8 of the same little random feature.

  4. Scottie will have a hard time throwing away this “beauty cover”. The strut tower bar is in the way:(

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