2023 BMW M2 Is Better Than You Think #shorts


2023 BMW M2 review! The new BMW M2 feels like an old-school M cars and truck, with little sizing, a 6-cylinder engine, and a 6-speed handbook transmission– and today, I'm going to review it. I'm going to reveal you all the quirks and functions of the M2, and then I'm going to get behind the wheel of the new 2023 BMW M2 and evaluate the experience.


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2023 BMW M2 Is Better Than You Think #shorts

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  1. Grab a stichshift while you can! It acts as a theft deterent. Thugs don’t know how to drive stick!

    1. I agree, even if my current vehicle is an automatic, my second one definitely will be a manual when I search for one.

    2. โ€‹@scoobywoo oh don’t you forget about America’s little oversized hat known as Canada. The amount of people here who have zero idea what a manual even is, is astounding

  2. If only the exterior design was better than the last generation one. But instead BMW decided to take a step backwards with this horrible creation.

    1. @Kandi Man pretty optimistic to think this wonโ€™t have any of those issues. Itโ€™s a bmw itโ€™s likely to be riddled with problems

  3. I think itโ€™s beautiful. I donโ€™t really like BMW that much but I would 100% take the new M2

  4. Get a m240 next month, love the engine in these things, so much after market stuff for this platform now ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  5. Jeremy Clarkson said it was his favorite M car. It looks amazing. I do feel like I would regret buying the M2 instead of the M3.

  6. It looks really beautiful …design will grow on you when you see it personal top view is sexy like old M6gc โค
    Mark my words this will go down as one of the best looking M car and last ice M2 ๐Ÿ˜‘

  7. Looks amazing in person, guaranteed classic, I enjoy the look more than the old one, looks so aggressive and purposeful, those intakes at the bottom are way more curved when you see it live for some reason

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