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  1. Totaled my 2019 300s in 2021 i loved that car so much and still do outdated as it is shes a beauty and i will always have a special place in my heart for these 300s

  2. Did anyone else think “Why the hell would you need a touchscreen on a set of bathroom scales?” when they saw the thumbnail?

  3. I feel like that infotainment screen is actually the size I want them to be. The onslaught of interior screens is not necessarily a good thing.

  4. I would still not mind driving it I’m currently driving my wife’s old 2009 Nissan sentra. My car was totaled so I bought her a new car instead of myself one.

  5. I’ll take this era of car interior over any modern car with a 32” 4K TV “infotainment” screen

  6. I’m sure if the US government stopped bailing them out, they may get some motivation to make vehicles that are from this century, and that don’t brake down after 20k miles

  7. If they redesigned the interior but kept the outside the same I would love it. Too bad sedans aren’t popular anymore because I think the Chrysler 300 is one of the most gorgeous cars out.

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