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    1. Yeah, I dont think it’s a feature at all, there no info on the Honda site – seems Doug mistook it for the lane change but it just turns off the lane keeping assist while the signals on

    2. @Rafał Wójcik Exactly what happened. I don’t know how he managed to make this whole video without realizing “oh, the Accord doesn’t even offer lane change assist”. You can even see the lane keep assist button turn white (deactivated) when his signal goes on.

    1. Actually it’s just Doug not understanding what the car does and doesn’t do. This car does not do lane changes nor does it advertise that it does.

    2. ​@faken manthen whats the point of car changing lanes for you? What’s this feature from accord called then, self drifting?

    3. @kevin The Honda Accord *doesn’t* change lanes for you. If it did, it would be so that you don’t have to disengage lane keeping assist every time you change lanes. But it doesn’t so when you turn the turn signal on it disables lane keeping assist and stops “self driving”. There is no feature.

  1. Lane change feature is easily fixed through a software patching. They’ll update it and offer it at dealerships as a patch

  2. Doug is the kinda guy, that would crank the steering into oncoming traffic, to prove the car mostly corrects itself. …mostly…😊

  3. Love my Accord, but it will be my last one unless they bring back the 2.0 turbo 10 speed. I don’t see that happening unfortunately.

    1. Because the driver is supposed to be paying attention. In a regular car you would have to turn off the indicator after changing lanes. So I wonder what would happen if you do the same when the car is changing lanes.

    2. There is no assisted lane change feature. Doug is just being Doug and not knowing what features the car actually has.

  4. Hi Doug, I’m not sure of it but I believe that Honda does not offer autonomous lane changing at all.
    In your case it just stays in the line and if you use your signal the lane keeping assist will turn off – in that case the steering wheel was tilted left so it seemed it “changed the line” but in reality you’ve just turned off lane keeping assist for a moment so you could change the line yourself – if you turn off the signal lane keeping assist is on again and it would keep the car on the left lane – same with new civic.
    Please re-check in specs if there’s autonomous lane change because I didn’t see any, and it may confuse users to think there is one, potentially dangerous.

  5. If you turn off your indicator in time it will do it. If you leave it on it will assume you’re trying to cross several lanes.

  6. My wife and I had one of these as a rental driving from Montreal to Atlanta (due to a flight cancellation). That lane keep assist and lane departure warning was awesome to have on a loonnnngg road trip.

  7. That was *NOT* an assisted lane change. When the signal goes on you can see the lane keep assist icon (bottom right of speed) turn white, which means it turned off. The “lane change” was just the car drifting with the bank of the road until you deactivated the turn signal and LKA picked back up.

  8. I had a loaner accord a year ago for 3 days. Put nearly 300 miles on it. I was impressed. Loved the punch of the small engine, the lane keep and steering was great too. I don’t remember lane change, but if it had it I didn’t use that feature. Overall if I was in the market for a midsize sedan the accord would be it.

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