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    1. Unfortunately , much of the car is Tupperware or plastics. Some metal here and there but on some of these cars they are glued together with industrial glues .

    1. This should be able to be equipped with the Acura SH-AWD or something similar, I can’t remember. But if it can then that is no joke, Acura has one of the best AWD systems in the market! Probably 2nd best to Audi.

    1. @SwimXxAllenxX Okay the Odyssey’s is going way too far 😭 like you have kids on board there Karen 😂

  1. 7 drive modes

    Dog groomer

    Mlm boss babe

    Dead spouse new house

    Calls the cops on lemonade stand

    Bob cut battalion

    Sale at Macys

    Maximum Karen Oversrive.

    1. The Dodge Durango . 300 HP V6 . Aluminum alloy engine, Hemi heads. Good torque specs. Good fuel mpg is close to 25 mixed and 30 highway. docs. Body looks great in person in GT trim level Great fuel injection. German engineered ZF 8 speed trans . I haven’t driven one yet.

  2. I’m just waiting for “Abnormal Mode”, where it randomizes gear ratios… a surprise around every bend!

  3. So, if they made one more up called “Wet grass” would 8 modes be more impressive? Not a lot new here

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