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  1. The Honda pilot is an amazing family suv for a bargain compared to others I just wish Acura could make a version of this that can compete with luxury family suvs like the escalade and navigator

    1. ​@Aeirs Oneam i the only one who absolutely hates the new 2023 lx 570? That thing’s interior is straight garbage compared to the 50 grand less, escalade. The cadi is more luxorious idek why people like the lexus.

    2. ​@M7MDthey want better fit and finish and not spend time in repair shop, so they get a Lexus

    3. @Алексей Кобаяши i mean they do say toyota build quality but honestly id rather save 50k and get the escalade because holy crap that thing is sexy.

  2. I have a 2012 Honda Pilot and love it. It’s roomy, and has lots of bells and whistles on it. I bought it new in November of 2011 and have only put 93k miles on it. I want to trade it in for a 4Runner but need people’s opinions. Should I get a new 4Runner or keep my Pilot? 🤔

    1. If you love your pilot now I personally would upgrade to the trail support. The forerunners are great and very reliable but they are on a very outdated platform. I would drive both but I think you’re going to find the pilot a bit more practical and a bit more comfortable. IMO😊

    2. @Joshua Piatt, thank you for your input. I’m leaning towards keeping the Pilot. One thing I don’t want to have are monthly payments but would like a newer vehicle 😖

  3. Wait sooo if now auto designers are basically bringing back the coolness of the 90’s does that mean that next it’s gonna be boring 2000’s for the 2030’s

  4. “off-road friendly” the only off-roading this thing gonna do is the speed bump at the elementary school ramp road

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