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    1. Yes, it will do this if it’s within a short distance from the fob, so it will follow you as long as nothing is in it’s way. I have this feature and have used it many more times than I thought I would.

    1. LOL!!! But alas, I know someone who has a Hyundai with this same feature. It detects everything ahead and behind it, and we saw it stop when someone wandered right behind his car.

  1. Every time the Germans come up with some cool feature, the koreans have got it included in their next model. Technology is really becoming democratised 👍

  2. Some Kias have this too. It’s definitely useful in Korea, if you’ve ever driven (and parked) there.

  3. I absolutely WOULD use this feature. Also, in the UK where parking spaces are tight, it would make parking this behemoth a lot easier!

  4. I mean it’s good if you plan to park in a tight space without other cars. But if you park in a tight space WITH other cars, your car will just get dinged by other people 😂

  5. I used to use this quirk and feature to back out of my garage after starting it to warm up in the winter from inside

  6. I remember doing this for my guys i work with in a tire shop. They didnt knoe it was a feature and it blew their minds.

  7. This feature is extremely useful atleast in Germany. Often times I had to climb in and out of the trunk just because of the tight spaces ..

  8. My Hyundai Santa Fe has this feature and I use it quite often! Really great for tight parking spots or just pulling the car out of the garage when you’re too lazy to drive it out.

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