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  1. Oh boy, those will get messed up easily. It’s one thing to have a steering wheel to protect, but what are you supposed to do, never sweat?

    1. @Braden McHenry it’s not as durable as leather. There’s a good chance it will look worn after 100k miles.

      Imo car makers know their cars last too long and are making new reasons youll want to buy a new car.

    2. @NoLongoit’s not as durable as real leather but 10x more durable than “vegan” leather. Tesla interiors are absolutely trashed after a few years. The steering wheels peel bad

    3. @Braden McHenry You have to maintain anything that gets used. Real leather cracks and gets punctured. Faux leather breaks down over time. Cloth/alcantara gets stained and torn. It’s all just personal preference.

  2. I really like my leather and I’ll pay extra for it but not having it kinda sucks. I’ll eat the beef too and if needed I’ll get deer meat if they’ll use that

  3. And you better believe they’re gonna charge you more because it’s “premium seat covers”.

    Just like Apple when they stopped including the charging brick for environmental reasons, but will happily sell it back to you for $50 separately.

  4. Alcantara is ridiculously cheap compared to leather. It sounds fancy but it’s equivalent of a cheap polyester suit. Carmakers can market it as them being “more responsible” while really it’s about them cutting costs.

  5. Luxury cloth making a comeback?? My grandma had an Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royal that had cloth seats. Soo comfortable and soft, best cloth seats ever.

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