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  1. This kind of built in laptime/pace measuring system is literally, entirely, 100% useless. No one will ever use it, especially not in a Mercedes SL. Given how much deviation there is on a speedometer of a German car especially, I would not trust this system to deliver any kind of valid and meaningful data. The gauges on German cars do not tell you objective measurements, they tell you what you want to see so you feel good. The coolant temperature gauge displays it’s at operating temperature literally minutes after you started driving and then it stays exactly there, regardless of how hot it is outside or how much you beat on the car. Even the fuel economy measurement is entirely skewed and shows up much better than it actually is, just calculate it yourself the next time you fuel up your car. If you want reproducible and comparable lap time measurements, you get a Racelogic and not this kind of integrated system.

  2. So they don’t want you touching a mobile (cell) phone in car but it’s ok to operate a iPad at the wheel? The worlds gone mad

    1. You’re supposed to only operate it while parked/stopped not on the fly lmao that’s why it has voice recognition so you don’t use it on the road

  3. “the owner have a strong following, and patrons of his services must know that his company swindles people into these auctions based on the owner’s built reputation as a harmless, nerdy guy. On surface, this is what it seems like. A washed up, used car salesman, and people must know tto be weary”

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