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    1. if you’ve ever been in a tesla then you know it operates differently. dare i say the tesla might have a better design

    2. ​​@Jimope. The Model S is the only one to have door handles like this. The Model X has door “buttons” that you simply press to activate the door. The Model 3 and Model Y also have a completely different design where you press on the larger end which allows you to grasp the opposite end and pull which opens the door. …the most traditional door handle of the current models .

    1. @Underbird Well that’s what they actually do. On the Range Rover, they claim that the motors for the handles are the most powerful ones.

    2. @Grounded
      I am sure they say that. However, we all know every single component of a car is balanced between performance and costs. In short, there can be circumstances where it will fail.
      The entire idea of “countersinking” doorhandles adds complexity for no real benefit. It’s just to show off your electric car partly financed by my tax money.

  1. Ahhh, yes, I would hate for any aerodynamic drag caused by the door handles to affect a parked car.

    1. What he means is that the handles also retract when driving so it would make a small difference but I do agree

    1. @Vablo they first have to cut the C pillar with an angle grinder to disconnect the 900 V battery system from the rest of the car, otherwise … ⚡🔥👀
      (Yes this is a Tesla joke)

  2. Let’s just hope that this feature will never ever break down even in case of an accident.

    1. The door handle won’t even be of assistance in 75% of wrecks as the car’s unibody is so bent and crumpled that nothing aligns and the door is jammed. That’s why you either break the windshield or window to get the occupant(s) out.

  3. Should save you at least .35 cents a year in the drag reduction fuel efficiency. Gotta count every cent when driving a car worth hundreds of thousands.

    1. 😂😂😂😂 right, every penny counts. I just saved 3 cents in two weeks. The money is sure rolling in now once u saving so much on this door handle.

  4. 3/4 of my model s door handles broke, but covered under warranty with a redesigned part that is supposed to make it much stronger.

    The EQS door handles feel much sturdier than the Tesla Model S door handles. Assuming the EQE has the same ones, I think these are probably well built.

  5. Doug is the type of guy that makes the door handles pop out for no reason!!! 🙄

  6. Yeah, I’ll take my loss of .01mpg and a few points of drag coefficient to have something as safe, reliable, and MECHANICAL as a good ol analog door handle with door rods.

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