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  1. Very cool. Can’t afford a Porsche, but I think it’s really cool that they offer this now for people who want it

    1. Pretty much no one can afford a 911 non base you could make like 250k a year and it would be financially irresponsible to buy one sadly

    1. Not sure how this would upset the “truck bros” as this wont handle most of the terrains built offroad trucks will. This is however far better than lamborghinis joke of a offroad vehicle. Can’t believe they put a car with 5 inches of ground clearance on offroad tires and marketed as such, this is far better lol

    2. This is more rally than offroad, so still pretty distinct from truck bros. But it’d be fun to compare it to a WRX STI on a rally course

    3. The glitter britches crowd don’t like it when cars mingle in their ranks especially if said car were to pass them in the ditch in tall grass. That’s more offensive than passing someone on the right.

    4. Lol how? If anything they’d love it. This thing is a little rally monster with a warranty built by Porsche

  2. *Doug is the type of guy to have the Short version with a zoom-in effect when he says “THHIIISSSSS”*

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