2023 Toyota Supra Manual: Finally!


2023 Toyota evaluation! The 2023 handbook is lastly the we wanted– with 6 cylinders and 3 pedals. Today I'm evaluating the brand-new 2023 6-speed handbook, and I'll reveal you all around it. I'm likewise doing the brand-new 2023 handbook and examine the experience.


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2023 Toyota : Finally!

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  1. A lot of car for the money as these have always been. One of the best value for money performance cars around

    1. BMW would be much better served if they would work on reliability in order to make their clients happy. THAT is what should come out of this partnership with Toyota.

    2. @Andy Leo the Koenigsegg CCX used a Ford Modular V8, Aston Martins use Mercedes AMG engines, so wha’ts your point? 1M$ for a rebranded Ford if we go by your logic.

    1. I just don’t see it happening here in NW Indiana where the weather is crap and cars like this are frowned upon in the snow, so they are exceedingly rare. I’ve seen MAYBE 2. I have a home just outside of Phoenix and I see them all of the time while there and I can see the dealers gouging people there.

    2. Hope nobody is willing to pay over MSRP. And for those of you that do let’s hope this comes back on those dealers that gouged you.

  2. Honestly, I miss the breakdown of each category in the Doug Score. It was interesting to see WHY Doug gave each score.

    1. @The Otherside The Doug score is more for the people in the market for that specific car. When he does the test and compares it to similar cars, he’s talking to a specific audience.

    1. @Sten Uustalu the stylr hasnt grown on me tbh. So many people givd it a pass bc its speed but i really cant say it isnt an ugly car

  3. The 6 cylinder engine in the Supra, named the B58, is a very reliable engine, and it’s ironically been called the modern 2JZ.

    1. yes BMW makes very good straight 6’s the only manufacturer to still make them i believe. which makes sense why toyota went with bmw. but its every single thing after the engine bmw cant do right. i hoped toyota would have took the B58 & added their quality touches to it. but it seems not the case. in 5 plus years. watch supras value drop & have common BMW issues. just like a bimmer.

    2. @‹Starworshipper› “Duuhhhh I don’t know what I’m talking about so I’m just going to repeat some stuff I read on the internets” That’s how you come off.

  4. Finally! This thing is one step closer to stepping out of the shadow of the MK4! I love that blue. If I could snag one of these in this blue with a nice tan interior like the one in the manual limited edition that would be the MK5 I would want

    1. @L04Dno kidding. I think that the manual is a positive step in that direction. I grew up with the real Supra, and my first real experience with them was a 1991 Supra Turbo

    2. @L04D b58’s are becoming pretty iconic for how tunable and how much power you can squeeze out of it with a downpipe and tune, also reliability ive heard is one of the best in the BMW lineup.

    3. @FuxEmUp  yeah, Toyota did BMW a solid with stress testing the B58 for them, and BMW took those notes and applied them to all B58 equipped cars.

  5. It’s nice seeing Doug give this car so much praise and have such a big smile on his face. This is my number one dream car so seeing doug excited about it makes me even more excited 🙂

  6. Saw this color at the LA Auto Show yesterday and maybe it was just the hall lights but it looked really good. It’s hard to unsee the fact that this is a Z4 with a Toyota shell over it but I can overlook that with how much better the Supra body looks over the Z4 and how good the car generally is as an all arounder.

  7. Really hope Toyota chooses to offer the Supra in a green color for at least one year. Seeing the return of something like Imperial Jade Mica would be sweet.

    1. There is a Supra MK5 in my neighborhood which has a green color to it, more like lime green but damn it was sexy.

  8. Earlier today, my neighbor across the street (who owns a stick shift WRX) asked me if I wanted to learn how to drive stick in his car, since neither of his kids want to learn. I quickly took him up on the offer, and I’ve already driven a vintage stick shift tractor once, so I at least know how to work a clutch. I’m looking forward to learning, and hopefully someday I’ll be able to afford a big block 4-speed C3 corvette.

  9. One of the best things is that you can easy tune this to get even more power. I believe people are getting 600+ HP on this engine with out crazy modifications

  10. Highly appreciate the quality content you are creating through these episodes. However, aside from Toyota badges, all other bits and pieces are BMW’s literally everything including the airbag badges on the A pillars. I keep wondering what is Toyota’s contribution to this automobile? Though it is way better not to find any. Thank you so much BMW for making this car on behalf of Toyota. Hopefully that will include other models in the future.

  11. Doug, thank you for understanding how important a good manual transmission is. I don’t care how good the 8 speed ZF is, it’s not a manual and it will never provide the kind of experience you can get with a manual. I was really excited about this car when it came out and then disappointed when they took forever to put the right transmission in it.

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