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    1. The DB11 didn’t have a 11 cylinder motor. The DB 9 didn’t have a 9 cylinder. Why then should the DB 12 be relegated to a 12 cylinder and not the more powerful twin turbo v8?

    2. @@JBsC6 it reminds me the “EXTRA” label on a small package, because its clear that the meaning of number 12 isn’t the number of the month the car was produced and neither the number of passengers capacity…

    3. Bottom line:
      As soon as the car brand becomes known and popular because it drives well and being comfortable the share holders are starting to look how they can have more money for less, because its obvious that a turbo charged v12 is a better engine than a turbo charged v8.
      And if you want to make a new car, there is no reason to make it with a worse engine (maybe the v8 has more horsepower output but the turbos are making it burn out faster, a lot faster).

    4. And this is exactly why Aston Martin skipped the DB8 name and went straight to DB9. Astons “DB” numbers have never denoted cylinder count. They should have remembered their history and went straight from DB11 to DB13 (or DB14 if they’re being superstitious)

    1. Except Aston Martin avoided the DB8 name so that people wouldn’t think it only has a V8​, so they’ve used this logic in the past @@Codatronic

  1. Funnily enough one of the reasons Aston say they went straight from DB7 to DB9 was incase people thought a DB8 might have a V8

  2. DB12 is the cruelest reminder of what you should have bought: the 759hp Twin Turbo V12 armed DBS770 Volante.

  3. DB12, despite being an absolutely gorgeous facelift, I think, is the first Aston’s flagship GT, which hasn’t been completely revamped like all its predecessors….., just like they did with the new Vantage.

  4. After driving a v12 for almost a couple of years I can’t believe that most companies are giving up on the engines, there’s just nothing like a v12, nothing feels as smooth and effortless, sounds so great just putting around town slowly, the v12 is truly special

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