2024 Audi RS6 Performance Review: The Best of All Worlds


New 2024 Audi RS6 Efficiency review! The Audi RS6 Avant is a great well-rounded vehicle; it's quickly, elegant, practical, and it's been upgraded with much more power. Today I'm evaluating this new Audi RS6 Efficiency and I'll show you the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:32 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:49 Summary & Powertrain
02:22 Modifications to the "New" RS6
03:35 RS6 GT
04:07 Prices
04:29 Exterior Quirks & Characteristic
05:56 Styling
07:35 Interior Styling
09:14 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
09:53 Night Vision
10:32 Gauge Cluster Screen
11:20 Infotainment
12:56 Drive Modes
13:36 Rear Seating
16:10 Freight Location
17:58 Driving Experience
23:04 Last Thoughts
23:36 DougScore

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2024 Audi RS6 Performance Review: The Best of All Worlds

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    1. You can tell someone that wasn’t alive during the heyday of station wagons because they covet them. Imagine today’s soccer mom car. Now go forward 30+ years and THAT will be the car style young people in the future will covet. LOL.

    2. I never liked wagons ,my SUV is cooler than old wagons of yesteryear. But this here I like but not price or reliability.

    3. @@christschool Just because I love this car does not mean I like my older cars too (RS2 Avant in Nogaro Blue is one of my other dream cars, as well as the 2014 E63 Wagon). In fact, I love almost any car that is cool, unusual, quirky or weird, that is why I am a subscriber of this channel.

    4. @@richardmorris7063 Yea, I like some SUVs (Tiguan R, Stelvio, Cayenne…) but wagons are much more cooler

    1. Just that the wheels are the killer….Doug is right when saying the other model (older) looked better.

  1. At least Audi didn’t decide to go down the same road as AMG and give us a 4cyl RS6.

    1. This gotta stop now 🤦🏻‍♂️ Amg did ONE 4 cylinder in the C Class and it ain’t even the same category as the RS6.
      They still offer like 8 models with a V8.

    2. @@IkhoOnyejelem
      Can order right now with the M177:
      GT4 Door
      S580 / S63e
      V12 S680 Maybach
      SL 55/63
      GT 55/63
      GLE 63
      And probably the CLE soon. So yeah almost 8.
      always here for those who don’t know anything 😉

  2. Don’t you ever feel like taking one of the bad boys to approximately 300+ km/h in the autobahn, while blasting Kerosene by Crystal Castles?

    1. I hate that joke bc how do some people really think a 60 year old business man would listen to that kinda song

  3. Calling it right now. The new Gemera will be the highest dougscore to date. Its the opposite of the Audi RS6. Instead of a family wagon with sports car performance it’s a hypercar with family wagon practicality

    1. I’ve always wondered what it would take to have a perfect score. The comfort and luxury of a Rolls-Royce, the practicality of a minivan, the cool factor of a Bugatti, the tech and 0-60 of a Tesla Plaid, the reliability of a Toyota Hilux, the handling of a Formula 1 car, and cost $30k.

    1. With the US only getting the white trimmed RS6-GT and the rest of the world getting red and gray trims… it brings immense sadness.. even if it is after the IMSA Quattro. White is such a meh color.

    2. @@Rubenwil Audi rally cars have been driving around the world in this color scheme since the 1980s and, in variations, on the roads of the world in production vehicles. This is a classic Audi Sport livery. If you have a bit of knowledge, you know that and you don’t even have to be a nerd.

    3. @@Rubenwil You don’t have to be a “nerd”. These are classic Audi sport coulours from 80’s and 90’s like the IMSA racecars of that era. You are claiming bullsh…t, dude!

  4. It’s happened. Doug has gotten to the age where kneeling doesn’t feel so good. Rolling chair is much easier on the old joints.

  5. THIS is still my dream car. Swap out the 22″ wheels for 20″s and you have a nearly perfect do everything car.

    1. Mine is an A6/A8 EV. Plenty of acceleration to get to 120km/h which is the limit. Also no crazy brakes so can put a bit cheaper and thicker rubber on…

    2. ​@@jamesgardner769520s will fit with the non-ceramic brakes. 21s are allegedly the minimum with the ceramics.

  6. I suspect Dougs next video will start with: This…. is the 2024 Audi RS6, and its mine!

    1. @@weirdshibainuhe wanted something that’s a beater off-roader and now he said he’s done buying stuff for a while.

  7. The RS6 GT has that paint job because I believe it is a throwback to an IMSA Quattro car that won a lot I think.

  8. My ultimate dream car. There is nothing, and I mean nothing I want to drive more than this beautiful vehicle.

  9. I spec’d my RS6 Performance over a year ago, it’s finally coming in the first week in July

    1. ​@iliastravels9573 Unless of course he pays cash for it, in which case there is no lien & its his car. You do understand that many people pay cash for cars, correct?

    2. @@iliastravels9573 actually no, my trade in is worth 97k and I’ll pay cash for the remaining

  10. I don’t see how cars in this segment keep getting called subtle
    . It has 22″ wheels and sounds like it has a V8. People aren’t going to think it’s a $55,000 wagon.

    1. Yeah, I think Doug’s a bit out of touch with that take. Although, I think he’s referring to the car’s performance/speed because no one thinks a new Audi that’s not an A3 or Q3 is $55k.

    2. honestly I just saw one of these behind me on the highway and just thought it was any A/S 4,5, or 6 until it passed

    1. I bet RS6 GT gonna be the cover car for the new Gran Turismo or Forza racing game, it looks like a real race car…albeit a wagon.

  11. There’s no way this car looks like a sleeper. It’s actually a beast if you see it face to face.

    1. I disagree. The RS6 doesn’t really stand out on the showroom floor. I just checked one out at the dealership in Germany. The whole Audi line up is very low-key unless you’re a car guy

    2. @@teamemperorevo9855 RS models definitely stand out. Maybe old ones were subtle, but new ones all have comb grilles and big exhausts. They’re very recognizable

    3. Really depends on the spec.
      The one in the video looks modest, but I’ve seen some irl that are beasts and attract a lot of attention

    1. How do you know the car just came out. If you do all the maintenance it’s no worse than Acura Nissan glass transmissions

    2. Audi v8s have a fairly good reliability. In this power devision there is almost nothing more reliable

    3. If you’re spending $130,000+ on a car, you probably have a different daily driver. This would be a fun weekend/ vacation car and wouldn’t normally accumulate a ton of city driving mileage, which should help it last.

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