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  1. I know that id be hard but i feel like all manufacturers should coms to am agreement to use the same sounds so pedestrians can get used to it

    1. I’ve heard many different ev’s at low speed and in terms of going forward they all seem to use some sort of electric motor whirring sound, but in terms of backing up yeah they should agree, I like hyundai’s sound as it’s loud and clear

  2. Fun Fact! The reason why many of these modern back up sounds end up sounding like that is because It Sounds Cool and is necessary for electric cars. But also the soft “white-noise” sound makes the source of the noise easier to locate than a traditional beep.

    (I learned this from a Technology Connections Video on the subject. Check it out!)

  3. That moment you realize getting in takes you back to your childhood of turning on the Playstation πŸ˜‚

  4. If Windows 95 became a car. Somehow, this worries me greatly. I wonder how they’ve implemented the BSOD.

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