2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray Full Review: Driving the Hybrid Corvette


This is the Corvette E-Ray, the hybrid Corvette. Today I'm reviewing this Corvette E-Ray, and I'll reveal you all the numerous peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the E-Ray and reveal you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:50 Efficiency Hybrid
03:26 Weight, Prices, & MPG
04:30 Exterior Quirks & Characteristic
06:05 Getting In
06:35 E-Ray Interior Modifications
07:43 Stealth Mode
08:28 General C8 Interior Quirks & Features
11:45 Infotainment
12:49 More Interior Quirks & Features
14:08 Trunk
14:52 Front Trunk
15:57 Tail Lights
16:20 Driving Experience
20:41 Last Thoughts
21:02 DougScore

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2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray Full Review: Driving the Hybrid Corvette

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  1. This is the type of hybrid i think people enjoy, it doesn’t take away the soul of the car but adds to it. It’s makes for a better daily driver than a normal corvette for someone who may have one car.

    1. @David Lake well you also have the panamera turbo s e hybrid and s63 amg plug in, which offer a nice blend of performance and “efficiency” and owners enjoy them. However what is not that nice about some hybrid systems is the excessive down-sizing of engines, the case of the new c63…

    1. ​@Baked as BreadI would rather enjoy the drive than be half a second faster. Public roads are not for racing anyway.

    2. @Gergely Turcsanyi That’s the best part, having an electrified AWD powertrain like this can enable AWD launch performance without sacrificing any driving enjoyment, since the electric motors up front don’t need to be used, and will actually improve handling because it also enables torque vectoring. There isn’t any real downside besides weight, but if you cared about weight, you’d buy a car that’s light to begin with, unlike the standard C8 in this case. So you’d go and buy a Miata or an Alpine A110, or an Ariel or Caterham if you want a real light car.

  2. I think this is smart for Chevy. It’s basically a 911 Turbo S vs. GT3.

    If you want the ultimate daily driver get the ERay

    If you want a weekend track toy get the Z06.

    They should have done more to distinguish them though. It’s easy to tell various 911s apart based on wings. Most people who will spend the extra money want to show that off.

    1. @Miłosz AntasAnd if you have ears, hearing the different engine between the z06 and eray will make it very very obvious. Z06 will often have a lot more aggressive aero on it as well. Then compared to a standard stingray, the differences are super obvious with different front end, wider rear and different wishbone intake design.

    2. @Levania Meyano I don’t know, I was driving my Stingray the other day and saw an orange Z06 coming down the opposite side of the highway. I had to look close for the boomerang on the side door to tell. They look very similar. Interior is almost exactly the same too. With regards to the sound, at lower rpms like 3000-4000 it’s really not that big of a scream machine like you might think. You don’t really hear it until like 6000+

    3. E-Ray body is fully painted. Comes with the name placed on the sides. Real Corvette enthusiasts will find the difference easy.

  3. I love how the E-Ray wheels look in light finishes. I wish more sporty cars would offer sexy wheel designs in light finishes instead of just being lazy with black all the time

    1. The black wheel trend is getting really old. Also, this is the 1st C8 wheel design that looks decent to me… What are the designers thinking?!

    2. @F M yes I agree the lack of black details everywhere makes it look so much less busy and gets rid of some of the overstyling. You can really appreciate Corvette’s beautiful body in the E-Ray spec.

    3. I’ve got to be honest
      I hate black wheels. It looks like you lost the hubcaps or something and takes away from an important styling element from the design of any car.

  4. This thing is so cool I’m glad to see it being reviewed so highly !!

    I hope to see one on the roads soon!! What a time we are living in!

    AWD hybrid vette with a V8 😮❤

    1. Is it being reviewed highly? Doug places the E-Ray #9 out of 10 cars on this list. He gives it a 2 for practical – why so low? I don’t think he likes it that much. Reminds me of my old boss who would always say good things to my face but bad things in my written review.

    2. @George Hunt It’s fighting against cars that cost twice as much. It gets a 2 for practicality because it’s a sports car with a tiny trunk and a tiny frunk. The Corvette C8 is reviewed highly everywhere, particularly in terms of performance value for money. The interior may not be as nice as a 911’s but it’ll keep up with that 911 while costing half as much.

    3. @BW Not just keeps up! Savagegeese did a head-to-head of a 911 992 GT3 versus a Z06 with both manufacturers providing people and the Z06 did ever so slightly better.

    1. @czepVA stop it right now. Have I wasted years of my life reading every single things terms and conditions? Or is this an meme?

  5. Absolutely agree with all of you! This hybrid Corvette is the perfect blend of innovation without compromising its heritage. It’s like blending the past and future seamlessly.

    1. How is it NOT compromising its heritage?!? Are you kidding? 1) Hybrid 2) auto only 3) AWD 4) mid engined. Thats not heritage, bubba.

  6. I have to give credit to GM for doing a hybrid sports car this way, rather than giving it an oversized battery pack and downscaling it to a V6 and trying to sell it on “It has just as much power as the V8 pls buy”. It’s refreshing to see more cars go down the same route that the McLaren P1 did with its hybrid system.

    Also, the shiny rims really just fit Corvettes well imo. It feels like a throwback to earlier models, even though the C7 had them too.

    1. Pathetic Ford slapping a V6 in their $400K+ Ford GT, meanwhile Chevy figures out a C8 that destroys the Ford GT. Funny times.

  7. I love the idea of performance hybrids.
    You still get the same maniac engine, but then you also get electric systems that take some of the load off and, in return, you get even more performance.
    Hybrids are not the enemy, they’re just misunderstood and often misused.

    1. I wouldn’t really say misplaced, not everybody wants a sports car, the Prius has its place. People just need to realize that not all hybrids are as boring as the Prius.

  8. Doug the type of guy who doesn’t rush out a video like all the other embargo Bros because he knows people are gonna watch anyway, regardless of when he puts out the video like a boss.

  9. The fact that this car is the quickest factory Corvette ever and it has All Season tires is astonishing. The other Corvettes only achieve their stated numbers in ideal conditions on fresh tires. This thing can do the rated numbers just about anywhere. All future Corvettes will be AWD.

    1. There is a reason the Z06 is still rear wheel drive. Speed is not the only reason to buy a corvette. Doug may have not noticed the weight driving around SoCal, but if driven aggressively enough you probably would notice it.

  10. This car sounds like a car you’d have in something like the Bladerunner universe. That match of old combustion with futuristic electric whine. It’s actually so cool.

  11. Great review !! I’m wanting one real bad !! I’m loving the fact that the performance is nearly equal to a Bugatti Veyron, granted, top speed isn’t 250+ mph , but 0-60 and quarter mile… Great Work GM !!

  12. TBH, I love that GM did this. I’m not the kinda person who’s so much for hybrids and EVs, but, being a C8 and pairing a hybrid motor on it is pretty cool to see. The only hybrid I really like.

  13. The fact that they added both a hybrid AND an AWD system and lost 1 cubic foot of cargo space is incredible.

  14. I love the way Chevy has gone about the C8 Corvette lineup. Each model speaks to a different demographic while being able to still tie in with eachother nicely. This E-Ray is very cool!

  15. I find the E-Ray and the whole concept of performance hybrid quite interesting. Sure, my preference goes to the Z06 and its rawness and all-out capability but it’s nice to see GM giving Corvette buyers a variety of flavors.

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