2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Review: A $110,000 Beast that Nobody Will Buy


This is the brand-new 2024 GMC SUV and it can do everything! The SUV is fully electric, has enormous power, incredible off-road ability, a lot of cargo area, and it's a convertible! Today I'm evaluating this brand-new GMC SUV and I'll show you the numerous peculiarities and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and reveal you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:35 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:52 The Craziest Quirks
00:58 Crabwalk Mode
01:36 4 Wheel Steering
02:02 Enormous Front Trunk
02:18 16 Inches of Ground Clearance
02:44 Removable Roofing
03:26 Introduction
04:01 Efficiency and Weight
05:04 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
05:21 Surface area of the Moon
05:58 Easter Eggs
06:55 Remarkably Luxurious
07:53 Multi-function Buttons
09:38 Drive Mode Dial
10:40 Infotainment
12:10 Rear View Mirror Electronic Camera
12:32 Gauge Cluster Screen
13:24 Super Cruise
14:01 Rear Seating
14:23 Roof Panel Elimination Operation
15:00 Rear Seat Quirks & Characteristics
15:43 Back Freight Location
19:26 Front Cargo Location
20:51 Exrterior Quirks & Characteristics
22:11 Outside Styling
23:04 Driving Experience
28:17 Final Ideas

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2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Review: A $110,000 Beast that Nobody Will Buy

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    1. never thought this would be a comment on his video. but also surprisingly accurate too

    2. glad to see he’s standing and getting his exercise again. Was a bit worried for a bit

  1. In Germany you wouldn’t even be allowed to drive this vehicle with a regular driver’s license. It’s limited to 3.5 tons, so you would have to get a truck license 😂

  2. It’s refreshing to finally see an affordable, reliable transport for the masses instead of some rich guy weekend toy

    1. Was thinking the same thing. While some of these expensive toys are interesting I’m amazed at how desperately automakers are to not invest all these things into more affordable cars.

    2. Just imagine the roads filled with these wonderful vehicles! I just wish it was a little bigger. But I’m sure they’re working on solving that problem.

    3. @@wandeling127 cant wait for the 2034 hummer ev pro max with an automated turret and double decker passenger area

  3. So I don’t want it, but it looks a billion times better than the cyber truck in every way.

    1. Cyber truck owners live in a alternative universe where everything sucks and has poor quality.

  4. 9,200 lbs?! That means with the average American behind the wheel, this thing can be well over 10,000!

  5. that climate control row buttons is one of the best i ever seen.
    You still have a dedicated row, and instead of going through multiple menus the other options just pop up next to it, very clever

  6. In a world where cars are getting rid of buttons, GMC dedicates an entire button to only showing a pop-up message with an email address😂

    1. GM Trucks and SUV’s have long been known for having many buttons. It’s what I like about them 😂

    2. I’d use it to send them an email suggesting to make that button configurable to literally anything else

    3. That’s just how things were back then, in 2024… the people who were ready and able to purchase this vehicle were just starting to use the internet, as it was still in its early stages. Nowadays, most people don’t even use email anymore.

      Crazy how much things have changed over the year.

    1. That applies to pretty much applies to all EV trucks IMO. I predicted from the beginning that EV trucks in general wouldn’t sell well since people who buy trucks for the image don’t tend to be EV buyers and people who buy trucks to do actual work like contractors or someone towing a camper generally wouldn’t buy something so expensive just to get a job done, especially considering the limited range and long recharge times.

      IMO, EV trucks make a lot of sense for people who actually need a truck to haul things, have a place to charge, do most of their driving fairly locally, and won’t exceed the truck’s range in a typical day, but that’s about it.

    2. @@WendigoSotomonte Probably not nearly enough to pay for the expenses of engineering them, engineering processes to assemble them, paying to have them crash tested, etc. I can’t imagine the profit margins on a 9200 pound high performance EV that starts at $80K would be huge.

    3. @WendigoSotomonte  I bought An Edition 1 2024 Hummer EV SUV. And I Love it. Hummers are not for everybody, they are just for Big truck lovers that can afford to own them..

  7. Massive, giant, absurd and almost 5 tons of weight. But being an EV makes it “Planet friendly” 😂

  8. The gmc dealership here in NJ have 4 displayed by the highway. Still sitting there after months

  9. GMC engineer: **slaps hood** this bad boy can obliterate so many children in crosswalks.

    1. So will any vehicle driven by idiots. Most of us stop at crosswalks if people are crossing. Maybe you aren’t bright enough to be driving.

  10. Everytime there’s a household style outlet he should bring a toaster and make toast and have it the moment the toast pops

  11. Planet saving efficiency? The only thing efficient about that car is how efficient it is at emptying your bank account 😂

    1. Here’s how it saves the planet….
      A prospective car-buyer who happens to see this immediately throws up and goes & buys a bicycle.

    2. @G-Rated  ok Hummer fanboi. A cheaper f350 can haul 50% more and at a longer range than the Hev truck version. So not sure what draws you to the efficiency of the Hummer? Certainly more cabin room in the f350 also.

    3. Guys……it was a joke. We all know that right? Or are you all joking and I’m not getting THOSE jokes?

  12. Sports car acceleration for a nine-ton SUV driven by a person on their phone? Sounds like a wonderful pedestrian killer.

  13. Planet saving efficiency you say, because every soccer needs a 9000 pound SUV that goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

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