2024 Hyundai Kona Review: Small, Modern, Affordable


New Hyundai Kona review! The Kona has actually been very popular due to the fact that it's an inexpensive and practical crossover. Now, the Kona has actually been fully redesign with new styling and features. Today I'm examining this new Hyundai Kona N-Line and I'll show you the numerous peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and reveal you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:28 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:41 Overview
01:32 Powertrains & Efficiency
02:43 N-Line Strives
04:27 Lighting
05:15 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
06:41 Infotainment
07:29 Physical Controls!
08:35 More Controls & Characteristic
10:11 More Interior Quirks
11:21 Rear Seating
13:29 Freight Area
14:24 Driving Experience
18:37 Final Words
18:59 DougScore

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2024 Hyundai Kona Review: Small, Modern, Affordable

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    1. @@BSFJeebus OK, if you believe that “diffuser” has any function other than appearance, I guess you’re the target market for this car.

    2. ​@@robadams1645 He was simply referring to your comment on the optics which is true… They are just ‘bumps’ in the back panel. He didn’t make a comment on if those bumps are doing anything. 🙄

    3. @@kingsharkoon Fair enough, but an actual diffuser is more than just bumps on plastic.

  1. I love how Hyundai and Kia are breaking the mold with their new affordable offerings, econoboxes don’t have to be bland. Other manufacturers should take note. Funny how it’s Toyota that’s going wild of all things… hope you’ll take a look at the new C-HR soon!

    1. the C-HR has actually been discontinued in the US in favor of the Corolla Cross, so i’m not sure we’ll get a ’24 C-HR review unless doug really goes out of his way to find one.

    2. Let’s hope he does. He’s shown us some European offerings before. ​@@thingonfire2946

    1. We don’t even get the option of the 2 litre in the UK. Biggest petrol is a 1.6 with a hybrid and that still only has 139bhp

    2. ​@@ceconk123more than enough for most Europeans. 1.0L means it’s cheap to tax, cheap to insure and cheap to run and that’s what sells here. 120hp is no slouch when most cars on the road are under 100hp🤷🏽‍♂️😂 even most new cars are around 85 – 150hp not too common to see higher

    1. I remember being a kid and myom bought a new Altima, it was like 14k or something and I thought that was crazy expensive.

    2. In 2011 the outgoing Hyundai Accent model was being sold at 9,995$ in Canada.. which is wild to think about

  2. Fun fact : this car is named Hyundai Kauai here in Portugal since KONA(Cona in portuguese) is slang for the woman intimate parts 😅

    1. Haha, I love when words mean something else in another language!

      Portuguese people must get a kick out of seeing that name on a car 😂

    2. @@volvo09 yes for those who know the “real name” of the car . Here they are all Kauai . You can still see some Kona on imported/ foreign cars eheheh

    1. ​@@Link_1129 your thinking of brail .. Morse was an old communication before phones.

    2. @@NewHandle_ Look up what ‘H’ is in Braille and Morse Code and then come back and delete your comment.

    3. @@NewHandle_ – no – “H” in braille looks like an L shape. 4 dots across is more akin to the H in morse.

    4. Wow, that’s actually a really nice touch. Kinda reminds me of the ‘H’ headlights on the Santa Fe.

  3. The fridge magnet is probably to attach phones to rather than having to get something that goes in the climate vents

    1. Nope, I don’t know about the Kona NA trims, but the ones here in the ME don’t seem to function like this, I am not even sure if the pad is even slightly magnetized as Doug said, because I didn’t feel any pull when I tried putting an iPhone (or any phone with magnetized case) against it, I remember googling around and someone on reddit (I think) said that a Hyundai dealer told him that it was purely cosmetic and serves no other purpose (which is very stupid if true, more probably it was intended to be a magnetic phone holder, but was scrapped in the final version for some reason)

    1. @@oliverstemp9132not really. My parents have a Comfort Smart and it has it. Though it only lights up full on the full beam headlights.

  4. 1 minute into the video I’m already thinking those are about the worst locations to put your headlight and rear light clusters as they are almost always banged up the most.

  5. I actually work for Hyundai and pick up these keys everyday and never even looked at the key long enough to realize it’s the Hyundai logo 😂

    1. Chino or HATCI? Or a dealer? I noticed the logo but never cared for the lightness/plastic.

  6. FINALLY ! A test of a real people’s car, not some ridiculous “Halo” model most people would never own. More like this please…

  7. Doug doing an actual USEFUL review to his subscriber base of a car that people can actually buy??? Never thought I would see the day

  8. I know that these videos of more mainstream basic cars don’t do so well, but I tell you, these are really my favourite, because these belong to “my world”, my reality! Keep them coming please!🙏 thank you!!

  9. I really hate how low signal lights are becoming a trend. If your in a tall suv, truck, or semi, you won’t be able to see them up close. Also, even if you can see them, a lot of people will look at the bar light assuming it is the signal lights

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