2024 Ineos Grenadier Review: A New, Old $80,000 SUV


New Ineos Grenadier evaluation! The Ineos Grenadier is a new off-road capable, rugged SUV with the styling and values of an old-school Defender. Today I'm examining this Ineos Grenadier and I'll show you the numerous peculiarities and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and reveal you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:37 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:50 What is this thing??
02:14 Some More Grenadier Basics
02:59 A British car built in France, using a German powertrain
04:06 Quirks & Characteristics
04:59 Interior Quirks & Features: MANY BUTTONS
05:53 What do all these buttons do?
06:41 Ceiling Button Controls
07:50 Center Console Quirks & Characteristic
08:53 Infotainment System
11:20 Steering Wheel Controls
11:35 Toot
12:27 Very Few BMW Components
13:09 Even More Quirks
13:48 Rear Seating
15:39 Cargo Area
18:25 More Outside Quirks & Characteristic
23:52 Driving Experience
28:34 Final Thoughts
29:12 DougScore

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2024 Ineos Grenadier Review: A New, Old $80,000 SUV

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  1. I saw one on the road, and a bunch on a car hauler. Almost seems like they came out of nowhere. They look so sick, and as a pilot, I absolutely love the switches

    1. The boss of Ineos, Jim Ratcliffe, campaigned for Brexit, said the Grenadier would be built in Britain… it’s built in Austria, and (post-Brexit) he’s moved to Monaco to avoid over a £4 billion in tax.

    2. ​@@julianevans9548can’t tell if you’re by hing about this or praising this ,, just sounds like a good business decision, one allows you to build the vehicle at all the other doesn’t

  2. I work for a hotel and we had a dealer from LA come through who stays with us now and again and he brought a Grenadier in with him and I had a chance to drive it. Frankly I was impressed with its look and its interior. The switch panels in the interior were really fun and felt different than other Rovers we will normally see. Fun review Doug, thanks for the deep dive.

    1. Where do you normally see Rovers? I’m astonished to think that any number of them have been kept to the current day.

  3. Doug showing the most stylish center console in “off road” suv segment saying “this is why you don’t want all switches” is very funny to me

    1. *ALSO* complaining about having to climb up into the back seats… that’s a feature not a bug. They expect you to have rock sliders fitted that act as a step.

    2. Exactly what I was going to talk about… Doug : looks like a jet aircraft cockpit ….

      Yeah… why are you trying to say it like it’s a bad thing?

      I just want one right now!


    3. He’s so inconsistent on small aspects. He says in one review a car needs more buttons and too much is integrated in the screen, then here an off-road truck intentionally uses more buttons so you don’t have to dig through a screen mid-trail and suddenly he’s saying “This is why you don’t want all of these” like huh? I’ve watched Doug for years and he flipflops constantly on if he likes certain things on a dime. Like the Bronco has almost this many buttons but because this is setup in an intentional way style wise it’s CRAZY and TOO MUCH, I just don’t get it.

  4. In the era of boring cars with minimalistic non practical interiors, this one clearly is a breath of fresh air. The interior is heavily inspired from an aircraft cockpit, and I gotta admit this is cool !

    1. @@Herkulez1981 imagine your Tesla is in an accident, you lost that one big screen that literally controls everything in your car

      Now you cant even change gears in your Tesla or put it in reverse 🤡

      Advanced Technology ❌
      Cost cutting ✅

    2. @@ankitranjanghosh3615 That’s my thinking as far as warning lights cluster – in 15-20 years there will be no way of fixing infotainment screen- Grenadier will happily display all needed data using LED lamps.

    3. @@mazatlan79P yes that specific part with all warning lights at all place was very clever and unique!

    1. The boss of Ineos, Jim Ratcliffe, campaigned for Brexit, said the Grenadier would be built in Britain… it’s built in Austria, and (post-Brexit) he’s moved to Monaco to avoid over a £4 billion in tax.

    2. So What? He can do whatever he likes. The UK never got a proper Brexit due to Pro-EU luvvies. The EU isn’t doing well especially in the likes of Germany at the moment. Finally, the global trade for the EU is in decline at 13%. Brexit was meant for the UK to do something different instead of going down with the sinking EU. @@julianevans9548

  5. 5:37 “you don’t want just all buttons and switches because if you did, it would end up looking like an aircraft control panel.”

    That’s exactly what I want.

    1. The boss of Ineos, Jim Ratcliffe, campaigned for Brexit, said the Grenadier would be built in Britain… it’s built in Austria, and (post-Brexit) he’s moved to Monaco to avoid over a £4 billion in tax.

    1. It’s actually what Land Rover themselves should have built. I’m very impressed by the car. I don’t plan to buy a vehicle like this, but if I were, the Ineos would be in my top 3 list.

  6. 5:29 — Yes, I just want buttons. And looking at all the buttons made me so happy. It could be the pilot in me though. 🛩

  7. Every thing about this vehicle is genius. A true SUV with a very good powertrain, outstanding capabilities, and logical interior. I prefer big large buttons with a clear indication of what they do instead of messing with a screen filed with tiles and menus.

    1. Over complicated engine and drivetrain from a company with questionable reliability. I’ll stick with a Land Cruiser. This thing exists to stoke rich people’s egos

    2. @@batterybuilding the B58 and ZF-8 are far from being over complicated. They are world class, proven mechanical components. It also has old school solid axles. This vehicle is far less complicated than anything else it compares to right now. I trust it more than the latest Land Cruiser.

    3. @@batterybuilding The B58 and the new ZF boxes are ultra reliable. They are one of the main reasons why BMW is once again at the top of reliability rankings. It is probably the most reliable engine currently produced.

  8. The bicycle symbol on the “toot” button is also a reference to the fact that theres a world tour cycling team sponsored by Ineos, called ” Ineos Grenadiers”

    1. Rolls Royces and other brands used by the well heeled country set would have two horns with different levels of tonal insistence, but they used to be termed “town” and “country”.

  9. No Doug, this is exactly why you want all buttons and switches. Everything is laid out right in front of you for easy access and, lets be honest, it looks so damn cool

  10. Doug for the love of god stop telling me I want buttons. That interior looks awesome and very practical. That is exactly what I want. No soulless screens for me please.

    1. Ever try to use a touch screen with gloves on? He does not strike me as the familiar with hard labor type.

    2. ​@BryanPike smooth hands… no doubt about it. Now he’s gone full blown “outta touch millionaire.” 😢

    3. @@boomhaueroo8703 Doug’s the type of guy who buys a Carrera GT and a Countach and then sells 2 of his SUVs to “simply his life”.

    1. I saw this truck on the street going to the grocery store. I thought it was the old defender with new paints at first but then the more I looks I realized it wasn’t a defender but something different

    2. Yes we want everyone’s reaction to coming inside to be “oooh, what does this button do” and then we swat their hand and say don’t touch that

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