2024 Lexus GX Review: The Toughest Luxury SUV


This is the 2024 Lexus GX, the most difficult high-end SUV. Today I'm examining this Lexus GX, and I'll reveal you all the numerous quirks and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Lexus GX and show you what it's like to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:49 Introduction.
01:26 Tough Styling.
02:49 Powertrain.
03:54 Pricing.
04:24 Outside Design.
05:09 Exterior Quirks & Characteristic.
06:33 Interior Quirks & Features.
07:34 Off-Road Controls.
09:12 More Interior Quirks & Features.
11:58 Video camera System.
13:11 Infotainment.
15:16 Gauge Cluster Screen.
16:03 Rear Seating.
18:37 Third Row Seating.
19:08 Cargo Location.
20:25 Land Cruiser Comparison.
22:24 Driving Experience.
27:28 Final Thoughts.
28:02 DougScore.

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2024 Lexus GX Review: The Toughest Luxury SUV

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  1. Doug is the kinda guy to say the seats have six rectangles on them, but when he shows us them there’s nine.

    1. Totally agree! and also the old doug score system were he went over each category. C’mon Doug don’t be lazy!

    1. The Land Cruiser Prado is smaller than the regular Land Cruiser. We got the GX, which is the same platform as the Prado.

    2. Yeah, depends on the market. Here in Europe the Prado/250 is the “regular Land Cruiser” and the 300 is the “big one”.

    3. Land Cruiser (90-120-150) Prado is not the same as the full size Land Cruiser (80-100-200-300). Same approach – frame based vehicle, but not related.

  2. Hey Doug…You completely missed the GX’s towing attributes. Sure body on frame isn’t “ideal” for a supple ride but it allows for 8000lbs and it has a built in brake controller. One of my major reasons for putting down a deposit on one.

    1. @@jonanthonylosito2004No it isn’t. I think people tend to think of three row (7+ seats) cars as soccer mom cars

  3. 11:58 The “view” button is meant to be pressed while driving at low speed, it turns on the front camera. If pressed again, the side cameras are displayed in the center screen

  4. Thinking of this as my next car. We have a 2006 RX that’s been in the family since 2005 and it just passed 210k miles. Lexus makes great cars.

    1. Your 2006 RX is a great car With a powerful 3.5 L V6. To think that a car that weighs 3000 pounds more than your car and has a smaller engine with steroids powering it is a stupid idea.

  5. Doug doesn’t seem like the biggest fan of the looks but I absolutely love it and think most people do as well.

    1. Lexus knocked it out of the park as the looks are both form and function. It looks rugged but has intentional design changes from the old GX460 to make it more of an off-road vehicle (lower window sills, squared off dash, high bumper and radiator configuration, etc.). Doug has apparently owned several Land Rovers but seems clueless to these huge improvements.

    2. @@makeyourmark00 Agreed! Doug missed some facts on this review. I’m shocked that he’s not in love with it. He also mentioned that the high points on the hood are simply for looks to a callback to old off-roaders to tell the driver where the wheels are, however they site-lines are perfect from the driver seat. Other reviewers have pointed this out.

  6. Honesty, this is a great interpretation of what the modern Land Cruiser always should have been. So happy Lexus decided to go with 18” wheels and the bigger tires on this model. Just adds to the vintage look of a rugged off-roader. I can still remember the days with my 79 LC FJ40 and 15″ wagon wheels on off-road tires. Just so appealing this modern day age of bigger wheels and tires.

    1. @@Mariusdohotar Akio Toyoda stepped down as President, but he’s not even close to out of the company— he’s still chairman of the board. In fact the reason he stepped down is because he felt he was too old fashioned and felt like someone else could more effectively usher in a new era for the company.

    2. ​@@Mariusdohotar Last I checked, Toyoda-san stepped down last year, not that long ago. New CEO, Koji Sato was also Lexus President under Toyoda-san before he took over Toyota. He gave it to someone who understands his vision, and he’s still the chairman.

  7. YES!! Another 2024 car with a mechanical gear lever! Still love that car manufacturers (even luxury ones) still have thoughts about whether to use mechanical levers or those weird unorthodox button configurations most cars are utilizing.

  8. Cooling center console box comes handy! You can put your phone there after it has overheated on the wireless charger 😂

    1. Hahaha. I like my 4runners steel combination safe in the center console! That cooling box is just an added channel from the AC to the rear seat vents. I doubt it’s efficiency.

  9. I don’t think it’s overstyled at all. I find it interesting that no comment was made about the new GX grill. It’s pretty damn handsome, modern, rugged & looks far better than the older ones. I have a ‘14 GX, which I love, but the predator grill is huge. For my money, there’s no way….in hell that I would actually purchase a Range/ Land Rover product or a ridiculous G-wagen. But some people don’t care about long term reliability.
    It also seems like Doug didn’t do much research into this vehicle before his review.

  10. Love how Doug is the only reviewer to complain about the space in the second row and fails to mention he’s 6’3

    1. tall people matter too lol absolutely 0 back seats are made with us in mind. Not even the suburban has good rear seat room when you’re 6’5″. Can’t imagine being taller

  11. I’m just thrilled that for the first time in like 20 years, a Lexus grille actually got SMALLER. Looks so much better!

    1. Yes and it’s about time! There have been times I wanted to buy a Lexus but when they kept that hideously large front grill it kept me from buying one. I will buy this Lexus later this year.

    2. ngl certain cars Lexus has stockholm syndrome’d me into liking like the LC500 grille is like a fully realized version of what the grille is trying to accomplish and failing to do on most Lexus models. Even then glad it’s getting smaller felt like it was the last relic from the early/mid 2010s “stormtrooper helmet styling” epidemic that most design has shifted away from.

    3. @@jadesded I think the head stylist for Lexus took his cue from Audi. Audi has some large front grills. But the guy in charge at Lexus took it to the max. He said he wanted the cars to look unique. Yeah make them unique. But make it attractive.

  12. Toyota really is smashing it at the moment, making stuff what people would actually want, not forcing ridiculous models with stupid features that are completely pointless.

    1. People complained for so long waiting for a new GX and cheaper Land Cruiser and they delivered both. I just want to see the new 4Runner now to see how it fits in.

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