2024 Lotus Eletre Review: A Lotus Like No Other


New 2024 Lotus Eletre evaluation! Lotus is a British brand name that is known for developing basic, lightweight, analog performance cars and trucks … but the Eletre is none of those things. Today I'm reviewing this brand-new Lotus Eletre and I'll reveal you the lots of quirks and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:45 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:58 The Name
01:22 Exterior Quirks & Features
05:05 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
06:04 Sunroof Sorcery
06:50 Infotainment Screen Controls
07:17 Passenger Screen
07:39 Driver's Screen
08:05 Center Console Quirks
09:05 Environment Controls
10:58 Paddle Shifters?
11:48 Front Wheel Drive Mode
12:13 More Steering Wheel Controls
12:53 Unusual Door Panel Controls
13:56 Interior Lighting
14:46 General Interior Quality and Style
15:14 Rear Seating
18:14 No Rear Seat Charge Ports
18:42 Freight Location
19:47 Front Storage Compartment
20:24 Badging
21:42 Is It Actually a Lotus?
23:45 All Luxury Car Brands Are Making an SUV
24:13 Prices & Efficiency Numbers
25:44 Driving Experience
30:41 Last Ideas
31:14 DougScore

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2024 Lotus Eletre Review: A Lotus Like No Other

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    1. i agree so much but we’ve tragically seen porsche, lambo and ferrari do the same thing. mclaren is next up. it unfortunately has to be done.

    2. @@muhidnaveed2617 If they end up nailing the eventual electric lotus supercar, no harm done really. has anyone here actually bought a lotus?

    3. Well, Lotus is owned by the Chinese company Geely. And we all know how well the chinese follow rules.

  1. Doug the kind of guy who says, Make yourself at home and then proceeds to tell you what you can and can’t use or touch.

    1. That’s a bit like asking somebody “How’s it goin’.” and they actually tell you. It’s just an expression.

    2. just shaking my head “NO” at the unveiling of nearly every feature on this ugly toaster

    1. Ahh combined Chinese and British techniques and technology…. What possibly could go wrong after 15 months of living with that electric Golf Cart …

    2. If you think Range Rovers are serious problems… Lotus says …hey Hold my Beer 🍺 Rover.

    1. why would it? people have families to move around. nobody is doing that in a two seater sports car. get over it bro

    2. @@juanzingarello4005 It’s like the old model T. You could get any color you want as long as it’s black.

    3. ​So you’ve never heard of an MPV or Estate car? Both more practical than an SUV.
      So there is indeed family alternatives.

    1. @@1991pony I absolutely loathe what is happening to automotive industry right now… not only we got increasingly detached and worse feeling cars and manual transmissions killed off in every single super car brand and then spreading lower across sports car segments, it’s so bad that R35 GT-R which was already an excessive computer on wheels in 2007 is considered “analogue” just because everything else have gotten so awful and bland. Seeing Lotus make something like this is just ridiculous insult to injury…

  2. 4:10 futureproof means: it was so buggy we had to turn it off. Will fix it in future.. maybe

    1. “In the meantime, you still pay for the hardware without knowing how good it will actually be”

    2. Lotus isn’t developing an advanced ADAS system. The plan is to use Volvo’s upcoming Level 3 “Ride Pilot” system if Volvo is able to launch in the EX90 as planned.

    3. Include on the car all the hardware for feature that isn’t yet developed or legally permitted. It’s a bold strategy Cotton.

  3. As much as I hate it, I can’t say it doesn’t make sense in today’s market. But it certainly hurts seeing yet another performance brand go down this path.

    1. I agree but Porsche started it with the Macan which outsells all Porsche models combined and it ain’t even close. After that you saw the Urus that outsell all other Lamobos and its not going to stop. I do not think we will ever see Hyper car brands do this lol

    2. My exact thought. I assume most buyers won’t even know was a Lotus is/was. But it seems like they nailed what most buyers are looking for, for around half the cost.

    3. Lotus was nearly bankrupt, nobody bought a Lotus. They made some smart moves with this revamp and Chinese money. Isht happens for a reason

    4. They should’ve built an SUV a decade ago, they’d be swimming in money by now instead of being nearly dead.

    5. @@jackinralph1 except lotus isnt big as porsche and they’re going full EV while Porsche still keeps an ICE 911. pretty sad

    1. @@kamsunleong6648 People can dislike a thing without being envious of it, man. When the Lotus mantra has been ‘simplify, then add lightness’ for decades and decades, and then this comes out, completely devoid of that Lotus philosophy, it’s going to get a bad reaction.

    2. Nruh. If the Chinese did not come in and change their Chapman philosophy, they would have joined their founder in the grave. It’s a business and it needs to make money. Period.

    1. According to Lotus the name comes from hungarian, and it pronounced like aletre:

      first ‘é’: a as in ale
      the others ‘e’s: as in felt

    1. He’s gone and forgotten. The auto industry has moved on. Without the Chinese money, the brand would have followed its founder to the grave. So be realistically not dream of the by gone days.

    2. @@ssnjr1299 No but you clearly know nothing about Chapman if you think he wouldn’t approve of this car. Colin Chapman was always about making money, go and research his involvement with DeLorean.

  4. The rear passenger usb charging sockets are on the under/ on the front edge of the middle seat

    1. “I looked high and low” = I took a glance and gave up

      To be fair that would probably be the level of efforts given by most users

    2. @@KillaninjaFC they are in a crazy place. If ur kids wants to charge you can’t use them easily

  5. those front triangle flaps look like they would disintegrate within seconds of being driven in any bad weather whatsoever

    1. Or by getting hit by a rock or road debris. Even if they survive, being British and Chinese, those flaps aren’t going to remain operational long.

    2. I can tell you for sure that if you live in let’s say the U.K. with a very rainy weather or in the South of Spain which in summer is hot as hell, those flimsy looking flaps with whatever it is the mechanism which moves them, as you say would disintegrate within seconds. They won’t buy it in Alaska or Oregon LOL

  6. It was either this or dying. They didnt half-assed is, seems like a legit, well thought out vehicle. If it helps them to continue making their usual sports cars, more power to them.

    1. Well said. I’m still keen for an Elise at some point but mobs like lotus need to endure for that to be realistic.

    2. You’re very naive if you think they will continue to make their trademark sports cars after this

  7. 6:33 “You can change in an instant whether you can see thru it, or whether its totally clear.”

    Ah, so it does nothing 😂😂

  8. Random Chinese Company “hey can we use your name, you don’t have to do anything though.”

    1. @@reedueduWho cares? People nowadays act like having sales figures are the only thing that matters.

    2. @@santileonsteinberg1441 It does matter if you are trying to have a profitable business to survive.

    3. @@santileonsteinberg1441 It’s definitely not the only thing that matters, but it matters enough in this context.

    1. Yeah, but in the end it is a Chinese car, once it breaks you just scrap the whole thing and buy another one, nothing in those cars is meant to be replaced or refurbished.

      BTW you are an internet legend!!! It’s so cool seeing you here

    2. At least with a slider you can change “in an instant weather you can see through it or weather it’s totally clear” 🤨🤣
      I almost didn’t catch it lol

    3. @@conner5631 It would be very uncomfortable if the slider got stuck on “transparent” and you were driving though Arizona in July. I doubt the Air Conditioning could win that.

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