2024 Maserati GranTurismo Review: Familiar Looks, High Price


2024 Maserati GranTurismo Review! After 15 years, the Maserati GranTurismo has actually finally been revamped … and it looks a lot like the old one. It also has a massive sticker price. Today I'm reviewing this new Maserati GranTurismo and I'll show you the numerous peculiarities and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:39 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:56 Overview & Exterior Styling
02:22 New V6 Powertrain
04:09 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
06:20 Lower Center Screen
08:49 Infotainment Screen
09:27 Gauge Cluster Screen
10:32 Rear View Mirror Screen
10:54 More Interior Quirks & Features
11:54 Vroom Vroom
12:23 Rear Seating
13:44 Trunk
14:27 Outside Quirks & Characteristic
16:26 Driving Experience
21:18 Last Thoughts
21:53 DougScore

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2024 Maserati GranTurismo Review: Familiar Looks, High Price

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    1. @musicmoviesandgames2004ย  yeah someone else caught Doug in the act ๐ŸŽฌ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    1. Hey if you can’t afford the depreciation, you almost certainly can’t afford to run it once the warranty runs out.

    1. @@joelfontane6617itโ€™s a top gear reference from a Maserati โ€œreviewโ€ they did, not something from this video

  1. maserati really excells at the $230k to $30k category. In under 3 secounds that’s amasing performance๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. @@rapidshot3033 Very different cars though. The GranTurismo is (no surprise) a GT car. A very sporting one, but a GT car nonetheless.

  2. 0:28 “…at the kind of used car dealer that also sells s-classes with broken air suspension.” LMAO ahahahahaha

  3. The pricing of this car really bothers me. Because if you pay an extra 20k, you can literally buy the MC20 supercar instead. Which also leaves the MC20 in an odd spot as well.

    But who I am to complain when I’ll never be to afford these machines.

    1. โ€‹@@amadousy7543 this is more of an Aston Martin/Bentley competitor. It’s a really big car.

    2. you will be one to complain because you can get this almost 80% off in a few months

    1. @@chavagol121314 Funny how Maseratis also tend to get dumped and treated like cheaper ex girlfriends on the used market

    2. Yes, the interior controls seems horrendous. But i suspect this is focused mainly on chinese market, as maserati is very popular over there, and they love touchscreens like nothing else.

  4. Hold up a moment. Doug has a car auction site called Cars and Bids? Why has he never mentioned this before?

    1. @@slowery43 and a swing and a miss from Slowery43 today, lets see how they recover in the next round folks

  5. Im glad Maserati is getting itself back into the true high end market. The design may be similar to the original one, but the materials are fantastic, it looks modern, its fast, and seems to be of far higher quality than it used to be.

    1. I like it, but Maserati is really out of step with their rivals. It’s already almost dated. It’s really a DB11 competitor, but Aston Martin just released the DB12 that has over 100 horsepower more than this Granturismo. Bentley also just released the new Continental GT that’s up over 200 horsepower on this. Both Aston’s and Bentley’s 500 HP engines are last-generation. The Ferrari Roma has over 600 HP. Even the electric Folgore trim is already dated. It’s the same technology as the original Taycan, but Porsche just released a comprehensive update to that too.

      This new Granturismo is leaps and bounds ahead of the old model, but the cars it would compete with have already moved on and it feels like Maserati is always a step behind their competitors.

  6. Doug Iโ€™ve said it before Iโ€™ll say it again – review the cars outside!!! The audio in the garage is NOT GOOD, and the natural light and atmosphere outside really help with the visuals of the car and the mood of the video!!!

    1. You prefer the outside noise? Planes flying overhead, birds screaming at each other, traffic clanking by.

    2. @@BenLindelof he goes to parking lots to review cars. He also cuts out parts that have background noises.

    3. @@BenLindelof yes, because itโ€™s far less noticeable and distracting than the constant echoing and poor lighting.

    4. Not worth it. Have to deal with weather, people coming up to say hi constantly, finding a location, other noise, limitations to the time of day you can film. Sure it’s better quality, but in his position the slight improvement in quality isn’t worth the trouble.

    5. @@evilcookiekiller how is it not worth it if it makes a better product? Look at his counterparts in throttle house, straight pipes, anyone else and the production level is miles ahead. Just being outside is the bare minimum here

  7. A few thoughts after seeing the vid:
    1. The car is absolutely beautiful
    2. The digital clock is f*cking tacky. For this price, give us a proper analog from a serious watchmaker.
    3. The idea of a “power/brake” meter is actually pretty damn awesome. It’s really helpful in evaluating your driving, as well as determining break fatigue (sports driving).
    4. Way too much touchscreen interaction. Basic features should have analog dials.
    5. Too many tridents.
    6. Most of the above considered, maybe better get a good condition earlier model.

  8. New porsche looks like the old porsche and no one complains. The Gran Turismo deserves to be the Italian 911. It’s beautiful, I hope they never get rid of this shape.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Doug never blasts the 911 for essentially looking the same since it’s inception. This is the same thing – an evolution of a timeless design.

    2. ^ what they said.

      Porscheโ€™s are actually good, desirable vehicles. When do you hear of anyone wanting a Maserati nowadays?

    3. tldr/ those two things are not the same. the 911 first came out 60 years ago. it has heritage, it has a rich history. the reason it gets away with remaining unchanged (which tbh, i dont really believe it is. it’s small evolutions that keep adding up) is because it’s just so recognizable and so well established that if they ever tried to change the silhouette or the recipe, they’d be committing suicide. the gran turismo came out in 2008, its not as well driving, not as well reputed, and this one is priced way too high to ever make sense

    1. Very true it really is a beautiful car, especially the Folgore convertible. Peasants make up the majority always remember that a Maserati isn’t for peasants peasants will never understand the beauty of a Maserati.

    2. At $250k, you have to be insanely rich to absorb such depreciation. In five years, it will be worth $100k.

  9. Maserati doing in their design department what Porsche literally has done for 30 years with their 911. The new one, looks like the old one, and everyone LOVES it. Way to go Maserati – Stick with what works!

    1. 911’s have all been a blast to drive and hold their value very well, and you can get them in manual transmission if you can find one.

    2. Except that 911โ€™s hold their value. That Maserati crap does not. A friend of mine lost 80k in a year on a MC 20

    3. @@jamescarter8311 True, but thats beside the point. My point here is that automakers in many cases are better off with a gently upgraded design than a complete RE-design when they have made a beautiful car-model. Porsche is mastering this particularly well, while you have other manufactures, like BMW who every now and again throws a total spasm in their design department, destroying an icon (at least until they get back on track a decade later, which they usually do…) I think its interesting what Maserati is doing here and I respect it, because its hard to argue that this is a fine looking automobile, right?

    4. @@1bluensx Maserati isn’t known for holding their value and I would never buy one new (or any car new for that matter) They just lose too much just leaving the dealership. But the design is great and I respect Maserati for reusing it and I wish more automakers would do the same when they have created something that really works. This car is beautiful, there is no two ways about that. But it is going to lose a ton of value, thats for sure too.

  10. I think Doug unfairly judged the design of the car. The GT is beautiful and this is a perfect evolution with a modern design. G Wags, Jeeps, and even 911s all have looked the same since 2007, but the new bodies all look good.

    1. I love DDM but I think remarks like this in his videos make him sound like the wealthy guy he has become (which I am happy for him about). “Drives reasonably well” and “looks the substantially the same as 15 years ago” and “lost the nice V8 sound for V6 rasp” and “now this one stickers for $230k” is all just so silly. How many peole will buy this thing for Porsche GT3 money when Crossovers and SUV’s rule the sales charts?? As DDM likes to point out, it’s not the purchase price you need to worry about. It’s the depreciation rate! And this one is gonna have a steep one.

    2. “drives reasonably well” my dad said the same thing about his 2002 Olds Alero ๐Ÿ’€

      and he’s a mechanic.

  11. Doug โ€ฆ this car looks incredible. The new one is nicer than the last – more elegant, but the car is better overall under the skin too. Looking similar isnโ€™t a bad thing. If you want something different there are 500 other car makers

  12. I got a crazy deal on a 24 Maserati GranTurismo Trofeo. 1 Year lease 15,000 miles. $23,000. The car is delightful tech is great super comfortable, great sound system, and some how the car actually performs. Lets just say i will use ALL of my 15,000 miles haha.

    1. Leasing was super smart, that engine might not be as kind after 15,000 spirited miles are added to it but thatโ€™s the next guys problem lol

    1. I’ll have to be financially stable in every sense before purchasing my first luxury car. The best thing to do with your money is to invest rightly because money left saving will end up with no returns.

    2. The best advice that i learned from Manny Koshbin is don’t buy a Super or Hyper car until you have 10 times the price of it in your Bank account, when you purchase a Super car you add a car to your garage but u add also maintenance and unexpected damages that can happen in future

    3. I understand Manny advice but that’s overkill. If most people did that – they would never own one. The 10-15% rule is enough – especially if you make even more with multiple streams of income. My investment properties pay for my exotics cars. It’s many different things you can do to afford easily and responsibly. You don’t need a million cash to afford a cheap 100k car, My first exotic was 100k put down 20k- financed 80k. Then traded up to more expensive cars.
      Now I have an Aventador, so it’s not hard at all, Especially if you are making 20-25k plus a month with little to no debt with multiple streams and assets that produce income.

    4. If you got 10x the price sitting in your bank account… you already making bad financial decision.
      You need to get a financial planner to aid diversify your portfolio to commodities index funds, digital assets etc, to provide illumination and guidance in the financial markets.

    5. No doubt being financially free and not having to worry much about inflation, health care and other expenses especially after retirement cannot be overemphasized, making smart plans and setting up diversified investment portfolios is quite essential.

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