2024 McLaren 750S Interior Quirks! #shorts


2024 McLaren 750S Interior Quirks! #shorts

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  1. One thing I hate about all these new electric cars are the huge glass panoramic roof with no option to cover it. I’d like to see them take this a step further and make it even darker, if not fully opaque like some glass that I’ve seen demoed online. Yet another reason why I refuse to buy electric and I’m waiting it out until it’s more mainstream.

    Other reasons include making everything a software button, motorizing every single thing that will probably break right after the warranty expires, lack of range, lack of widespread charging network (especially where I live), in many cases a more ugly design (EV9 vs. Telluride), several brands lack Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and an expensive to replace battery that has chemistry that if it catches fire requires gas masks and hazmat response because it’s so toxic and can’t be put out with water because the fire department needs to bring a special $5,000 blanket (or two $5000 blankets for an SUV) to cover it and smother the fire.

    1. You can do this on sum Audis I think I do know you can do it on electric Porsches like the tycoon or whatever it’s called

    2. @@big_papi-James You’re responding to a comment where the guy literally wrote a novel and you expect someone to automatically assume what you’re talking about?

    3. Bro took a 750s video as an opportunity to express his hate for EVs. 😂 You guys hate them but they’re on your mind all the time. 🤡s.

    1. @@ultra-potato I forgot about that, Kia owners can proudly associate their EV6s now with McLaren 😉 To be honest I prefer the EV6’s wheels, they’re more substantial and not as thin and “tendril” like as on the 750S. Anyhow good call 👍

  2. Cool feature for sure! But the build quality in these cars is pretty damn awful considering the name & price point.

  3. Welding helmets have been doing this for decades. I cant see a reason why it woukd break down it is very simple technology

  4. I remember getting in a 2012 SLK with the Magic Sky Control to when I first started working at a car dealership in high school and i thought it was the coolest thing ever! Surprised to see it’s still quirk-worthy and not more widely implemented over a decade later.

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